Blizzard has been a huge part of the hearts of many game lovers, especially the fantasy and MMO lovers. We’ve seen it grow and add more to the collection of games we grow to love almost instantly.

Overwatch has been a hugely anticipated game, an FPS that has thrilled all who have tried it. Personally, I usually don’t play in first person, I hate the idea that I can’t see behind me and then something pops out and scares me senseless! But Overwatch is designed so that even us FPS noobs can accept it and grow to enjoy and love it. The pressure I expected off of this game was nowhere to be found; I thought that I’d get the typical flood of insults if I’m not a good player, but none of that happened. The community alone is enough to make me keep playing. Everyone just wants to have fun.


There are a bundle of characters to choose from; all have unique abilities as well as they are placed in groups depending on what they’re better for such as defense, tank or support. What I find when I play Overwatch is that you, as the player, will be good at some characters and some not so much. This makes the game more personalised as it gives you more ease when selecting a favourite character to go as, and as time goes on you may become very good with them and then wish to try other characters within their group, or out if you’re feeling adventurous. Personally, my favourites are Widowmaker and Mercy. I adore snipers as well as being able to heal my team.

The arenas that are given to us in Overwatch are all very different to each other and are all wonderfully detailed. What I adore about it is that they are locations featured in the small animated shorts that Blizzard have created for a few of the characters so far. It gives the game more depth and feeling that surpasses a lot of FPS’s out there. The detail in the locations are wonderful, and can vary from desert to snow to a Mexican villa. It’s truly great to be able to fight in such exciting locations.

The graphics side with the cartoon feeling but with a lot of detail. The characters and arenas are bold and have very strong colours and features. They remind me of Disney characters in their designs, which shows me how much care was put into it.

The shop within the game contains a lot of extras, such as new skins for your characters, sprays that you can spray paint onto any surface within the arena and emotes and voice lines too. There is so much you can do to personalise your character to be the one for you. Lootboxes play a big part in this, and you can get one each time you level as a whole or pay for them with real money and get a good bunch of them to open at a time. You can get any skin that is available within these except for the pre-order ones, whether it’s legendary or an ordinary one. You can also get coins, and these coins can be used for you to get a certain customisation that you’ve been wanting.

Overall, I find Overwatch to be a lot of good fun and a beautiful creation that Blizzard should be proud of. A lot of work has been put into it, and whether you’re an experienced FPS player or not, you’ll find someone you can play as who you’ll adore and love to play as.

Have you played Overwatch yet? Who do you play as?