Overwatch has been the joy of many gamers, especially fans of FPSs and Blizzard. It easily surpasses the giant MOBA that is League of Legends (LoL). The wonderfully designed arenas, as well as the characters and their in-depth back stories, have touched the hearts of many and left us all wanting more. Recently, as well as introducing competitive mode where you can earn ranks and points towards special skins for weapons, they introduced the newly added character, Ana. Let’s talk about her.


Ana: the character

Ana is classed as a support character; she uses her sniper rifle to heal her allies, as well as damaging her foes. The aiming system is different to that of Widow’s, and doesn’t need to be charged to 100%; however it does take a bit of time to reload after each shot, healing or damage. We also have to take into consideration the way that damage and healing is given. It heals and damages over a couple of seconds instead of Widow’s instant snipe, so bear that in mind when shooting.


Ana’s other abilities

Ana’s abilities include a really effective sleep dart, which instantly puts the target to sleep, stopping further attacks for a good amount of time. However, if shot before that time, the target will wake up instantly. This can be used to an extremely useful advantage, putting a stop to even ultimates.

As well as the sleep dart, Ana can throw down a Biotic grenade that both heals her allies and damages her enemies whilst stopping them being able to heal. How cool is that?


The ultimate ability allows Ana to grant an ally speed, as well as their damage and reducing the damage that ally takes. It basically makes one ally a super being for a short while, giving the team the upper hand.

Takeaways for Ana

Overall, I find Ana to be a wonderful and necessary character added to Overwatch. For anyone who loves a healer as well as playing a Sniper (which I do!), then Ana is perfect. The only downside while she’s new is that everyone playing Overwatch wants to be her. So usually you’re battling against Ana, with a lot of Ana on both sides. But that’s the down point to any new face. Her character background is gorgeous too, as she is the mother of popular Pharah. I’d advise you to watch the trailer here. It’s awesome!

Do you play Overwatch? What do you think of our new arrival?