Who is ready for our party? Here are some handy dandy links so you can find all of the major events of the day. Happy HallowIggles!

A 5-point Igglebugs challenge!

HallowIggles 2015 igglebug hunt preview
Get your Instagram trigger finger ready – we’re launching a 24-hour 5-point Igglebugs challenge! Find the prompts over on our Instagram or in this forum and check out the most recent posts at the bottom of this page!

A 13-point Trick-or-Treat Achievement Challenge!

Candy candy candy! Go trick-or-treating on our website for 8 delicious pieces of candy, worth 13 points. You’ll find the map in this forum! Good luck and happy hunting!

24 hours of classic Halloween movies!

24 hour watch a long copy
Click here to join us on the forum to chat about what we’re watching now!

The premiere of the Blair Iggle Project!

The Blair Iggle Project
Our 2015 IGGPPCampers, along with Mathilde, have worked hard to put on an Iggle cast, re-enactment of the classic Blair Witch Project movie. Watch the premiere with us at 7PM GMT!

Social media fun!

To find out what the plot of your horror movie is, or to find a special Twitter poll with 13 spooktacular questions, stay tuned in to our Twitter and Facebook!

Lots of blog posts and tutorials galore!

+5 Charisma will be chock full of Halloween goodness for the next 24 hours, so keep an eye on this space! You’ll get everything from spooky style fitness challenges to DIY Halloween candy to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Our Halloween activities forums are right over here, and you can also hang out in the Trick or Treat forum here! And keep an eye out for the special costume challenge our house prefects have for you, too.

Stay tuned in to our party using #Hallowiggles. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates!