The importance of being earnest (in geek pursuits)

The importance of being earnest (in geek pursuits)

I think something parents (hell, adults in general) don’t get enough of is praise. We spend our grown up lives working for/paying for/putting up with other people, and we very rarely get a ‘good job’ or a ‘well done’ or, even scarcer, a *whispers* thank you’. People enjoy nothing more than telling you scare stories or criticising your parenting, well screw them, I’m here to say great job guys, whether you’re a lone ranger or part of your own dynamic duo, being a parent is a damn hard job and you’re doing fine, better than fine you’re FREAKING amazing. As long as you and your little bundles are happy, that is all that matters. The world needs us geek parents; without us the universe would be a very bleak place indeed.

As a geek-rent…pare-geek…(I am desperately trying to amalgamate these two words and they’re not playing nice…why won’t you play nice?!)…as a geek parent, it’s my belief that we’re a nose in front of other parents from the off (yes, that’s a little elitist but geeks are awesome). Most of us have a deep seated passion for knowledge, discovery and…toys, hell we’re all basically grown up children…with rent, bills, jobs, responsibility…God I’m getting a little depressed, focus Lauren! We love to know stuff, don’t know how the toy works? Lets take it apart and find out, seen a weird new bug? Lets look it up and see what it is, want to know how hot dogs are made? Youtube it (or How It’s Made, which is one of my ALL time favourite programmes). We actively pursue knowledge, which we can pass on to our children and foster the thirst in them. This, my friends, is what will make our children the Jane Goodall’s and Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s of their generation; we’re doing that, we’re raising the next generation of brilliant minds, it’s incredible.

Reading is, to my mind, a dying practise. Who cares about a stupid book when you can watch the film or look it up on Youtube or Wikipedia? (Forgive me books, I didn’t mean it) Well, WE do!! I don’t care whether you read actual books, a Kindle, straight from the internet, keep reading! As an adult, it’s an outlet for imagination, something to relax with and take some ‘me’ time…which is something to be treasured in itself for us parents. For our kids, well, I remember hours imagining how cool it would be to help George make his Marvellous Medicine or battle along side Lucy in Narnia, those memories of reading and being read to are some of my fondest. We, as nerd-rents (gorram it!), are giving our kids the best gift in the world, ‘cos we geeks have some bitchin’ books.

The vast majority of us geeks have fought fiercely to be accepted as who we are, we understand what it is to have our own path in life and our children will have the advantage of utter acceptance by their parents and from the populace at large. Being a geek is cool, gay marriage is being accepted in so many places, with the advent of the internet any individual can find their niche in the world and feel acceptance. Look at the IGGPPC; people from all over the world brought together through our love of keeping a dying art alive.

The world can be a very dark place, just switch on the news, it’s enough to make any parent fear for their child’s future, but it’s not all doom and gloom, we’re giving them the best start in life by just being who we are. 

Forgive me the serious tone of this blog, next month is Christmas and I’ll be back with a super awesome Crimble blog post 😀 until next time Iggles.


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