Hello Dearest Members of our Illustrious Nation of Geeks and Pen Pals!

As you will be aware, we have spent the last few weeks hunting for a new staff member to take over from Stewie while she is off having adventures! It is a bitter sweet time as we don’t want to see Stewbs go, but we love her and know she is returning to us one day! Little did we know that the out pouring of love and the ideas that flowed forth with each application (and all the supportive messages we received wishing Stewie well in her adventures!) brought us all nearly to tears. Tears of happiness mind you, but tears none the less!

This was a hard decision, really hard. I mean, we knew it would be, but sheesh! I ended up having sleepless nights over it! All that is over now as after a lot of talking, debating, re-reading applications we decided that the woman for the job is Arielle. We hope you make her feel welcome as the new leader of House Granger!

To illustrate the dilemma we were in we are going to share with you the answers of all applicants under the section “What do you love most about IGGPPC”. All the ladies agreed to let us re-post them here…so people, get those tissues at the ready!


“Great opportunity to connect with other geek girls (not so easily done here in Australia, altho I have a pretty decent posse)”


“Ready for sap? I love that you’ve created this community of people who encourage people to be different. There is never any judgment in IGGPPC. It doesn’t matter if you like the same thing, believe in the same religion, politics, superheroes we are all just opening and welcoming. IGGPPC is about embracing ourselves for who we are and supporting people beyond what society tells us is “normal” and “expected.” You’ve allowed people to connect on an emotional and intellectual level and it’s the most amazing and beauitful thing I’ve ever seen in my goddamn life. Honestly, I don’t know how something that started off as wanting yummy candy grew into this masterpiece of love and geekiness, but it did and it’s fucking brilliant. So my favorite thing is the complete lack of judgment. Yes. That. Oh and the dirty comments everyone makes on instagram photos.”


“The feeling that I’m not the only fan-girl around.. That I don’t have to be a closeted fan-girl :3 GEEK-GIRL AND PROUD! :)”


“That it’s a home for geeks of all flavours, shapes, and sizes. There is something for everyone who has ever felt isolated in their geekery. I love that we seem to have grown a community that is, by and large, inclusive and enthusiastic about supporting its members.”


“As a military wife who moves around a lot it is amazing to be a part of an ongoing community that is always available to me. So no matter whether or not I’m in a new place with no one I know, I always have the girls of IGGPPC, including the vlog, book club, or my pen pal. Love love love it. “


“So this will sound cliched but the people I have met through IGGPPC has been amazing. Even though we weren’t match as penpals, we’ve built a friendship thanks to IGGPPC and Twitter. These are some of the nicest and most wonderfully supportive people I’ve met. And even though we’re scattered all over the country (and world) it’s amazing to know that if I’m having a bad day there are people who can cheer me right up.

And as a whole, IGGPPC has not only given me the freedom to further explore my own geeky interests and be myself but I’ve had a chance to learn about new geeky interests. I didn’t know about Sherlock before the group and now it’s one of my favorite shows!

And without sounding like a total creepier, this group has allowed me to get know people I admire. I admire all the creators of IGGPPC and this is given me a chance to get to know everyone better. I’ve followed Stewie for years but never interacted much with her but now I feel like I can just like “What up, mama?” Which may or may not still sound creepy.”


“Not to get too sappy, but if I stop to think about it my favorite thing about IGGPPC, it is the community of geeks it introduced me to. I have so many friends now that make my life so much better. IGGPPC is such a beautiful support group. They send me encouraging messages when I am starting a new project and love when I am sad. And whats awesome is my Iggle friends are international! IGGPPC connected me with people across the globe who I connect more with than the people in my own backyard. I don’t even know how people made friends before the internet.


“My favorite thing about IGGPPC is the community. I haven’t been part of an online community so welcoming and supportive in years, and I keep finding new friends left and right. It’s amazing. “


“It’s community that brings girls (and guys) together into a family, without judgements or hate. A place where we can be ourselves and find friends who are just as weird as we are. “


“The ladies!!! Seriously, you gals are the best. I’ve never really had “internet friends” before, now I’m hooked. And I love that everyone lives all over the world, but we can come together to share our geeky wisdom. Also I love the giddy feeling when I get a piece of REAL MAIL in with all the junk mail and bills.”


“How friendly everyone is when you are paired up with each other. The service is great and an amazing way to make new friends.”


” Being able to connect with so many different, awesome geek girls from all over the world. I really have met so many more wonderful people through IGGPPC than I could have ever imagined. I’m going to ramble for a second to you gals and tell you a little something I haven’t told anyone. Before IGGPPC, when I considered kids, I didn’t want a daughter. I’ve mostly only really connected with guys in a geeky way and never knew a lot of geek girls. I had such a fear that if I had a girl, we wouldn’t have anything in common because girl geeks seemed so rare to me. I feared that she would only be interested in Barbies and makeup and all the things my girly cousins like and I feared my future daughter and I wouldn’t have common ground. But after meeting so many amazing geek girls through IGGPPC, I *want* to have a daughter now. I want to share my nerdiness and show her how great it is to be a geek girl. And if she is girlier than me, I don’t mind so much, because I have so many new friends that can help me with all that girly stuff now too! :D”


“IGGPPC is fairly new in my life but I love the fact that we are all embracing the geek life. We are like honey badgers. We don’t give a … CONTINUING ON!!”


“the solidarity. other kickass ladies around the planet like the same things I like and struggle with the same issues. and the goodies/swaps/postcards/new friends/opportunities to write.”


“Connecting with people from all over the world, learning about different countries, and making new and awesome friends in those countries.”


“People, building relationships with other people. That’s really the best thing about life on this planet, & IGGPPC does it in an excellent way.”

Now you understand the tribulations we went through making a decision! How lovely are those words?!

We want to thank all the applicants, as well as the community at large, for continuing to be outstanding, wonderful, clever wee puddings. I say it a lot, but we truly would be nowhere without you all!

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