This is going to be a monthly feature devoted to sharing with you guys other pen pal- and snail mail-related sites out there!

When I think about my pen pals, I hope that they smile when they get letters and postcards from me. Why? Because getting mail from them makes me smile, and I hope the feeling is mutual.

If getting mail puts a smile on your face, just think of what it does for a sick child. That’s what Post Pals does–helps to make seriously ill children and their siblings a little happier by sending them cards, small gifts, friendship, and support.

How it Works: On the “Find Pals” page on the Post Pals site, you can read the featured stories and learn about the interests of sick children and their siblings. Each page has a forwarding address so you know where to send your letter or card (PP does not give out home addresses for privacy and safety reasons). After that, you sit back and know that you have helped make a child’s day a little brighter!

To try it out, I roped Toni (funny story about me & Toni–we live three miles from each other but met through IGGPPC!) into joining the fun. I told her to pick our Pal. When she told me her decision–a ten year old girl who likes giraffes and Horrible Histories–I said, “Cool. Now we’re going to send her mail.”

I had some colorful stationery left over from my awesome Christmas in July swap, so I wrote the letter on that, and I decorated it with giraffe stickers. The hardest part of writing a letter for this project was the part where I was writing a letter to a kid. Luckily, there were some recent developments in giraffes at the Detroit Zoo and I read Horrible Histories when I was my Pal’s age, so those were the topics I chose to write on. The next day, I popped my letter in the mailbox and hoped that the recipient would like it.

One of the giraffe stickers I put on my Post Pals letter

One of the giraffe stickers I put on my Post Pals letter

What I Think: Post Pals is a UK-based organization, and in my research I wasn’t able to see if there was anything similar in the US or Canada, etc. Regardless, I have to say it: Absolutely yes. As I said before, getting mail makes me happy, and I like to think it makes my pen pals happy. Generally, I think getting mail that isn’t a bill will make pretty much anyone smile. And that’s true in this case, too. Post Pals, like IGGPPC, knows how great receiving mail feels, and I can only encourage you all to help put a smile on a child’s face!