This is going to be a monthly feature devoted to sharing with you guys other pen pal- and snail mail-related sites and activities out there.

It’s true: I have already written about writing letters and cards to children who need them in my Post Pals entry a few months ago. However, I like to think many of you Iggles agree with me that everyone could use a little more love and a little more mail. That’s why today I am sharing with you More Love Letters.

More Love Letters is an organization that believes what the world really needs is “really basic. Simple. Bare-boned. & often forgotten in the race to get followers, likes & status.” And that, my friends, is Love.

The movement first started with a woman named Hannah Brencher, who moved to NYC after graduating from college and suffered depression. Too ashamed to tell her friends and family about what she was feeling, she took to writing in a journal, and with some time, her journal entries took the form of letters.

Brencher started to leave the letters she wrote all over the city for people to find. After writing a blog post about it and asking the question, “Do you need someone to write you a love letter today?” and the response, she started More Love Letters.

Here’s how it works: There are several ways you can get involved with MLL. The first and easiest way to help is to write encouraging, supportive notes and just leave them anywhere for anyone to find. They also have a way for people to nominate those who they think are in need of a little love and for the nominees to get bundles of letters from well-wishers. Just select “The Letter Requests” on the top bar of the web page. You’ll be taken to a page with a few people who have been nominated by a  friend or family member. It’ll tell you a little about them and why they need some love. Then, like with post pals, you send your letter to someone who will then forward the letters to their recipient.

How I did it: At the time that I was writing this post, MLL was on a brief hiatus due to the winter holidays and said they would be back in late January, so I couldn’t tell you if anything has changed. Luckily, I’ve done this once before, and this was shortly after I graduated from college. The nominee I chose to write to was a junior high school English teacher who was feeling depressed because she felt as if people, students and parents alike, thought her job was useless.

I actually wrote two drafts of my letter before I sent it; I wanted the letter to be just right for its recipient. I told her that I valued the work of English teachers, especially at the middle school level, because it takes a special person to have the patience to want to deal with preteens. I wanted my letter to be encouraging and supportive above all else, because I knew that my letter would only be traveling the one way; MLL doesn’t encourage people to try and become pen pals, and therefore discourages sharing personal information such as home addresses.

What I say: I am sure you guys are sick of how often I say this, because I say it pretty much every time I write one of these posts, but I’ve got to give these guys a “Heck yes!” I have to say that I’m a fan of any organization that uses the powers of snail mail for good. Even if you don’t have postage, I encourage you to leave a friendly note under someone’s windshield or something.