This is going to be a monthly feature devoted to sharing with you guys other pen pal- and snail mail-related sites out there.

lettrs is a free social messaging app for composing and sharing communications. If you need something to compare it to, I’d probably have to say it makes me think of a more long-winded and less sexually-charged Whisper. From your phone or computer, you can write and send open letters, private messages, or even post a letter on paper (this costs in the range of $2.00 to $49.00). You can customize your messages with themes that match your message and can even add a geo-location stamp and attach an image of your signature.

In my use of the app’s “Explore” function, which allows you to read open letters by other people, I noticed that many users treat lettrs like they would a blog or open diary. There are a lot of messages relating to love or how messed up the world is. A fair few messages are composed of song lyrics or inspirational quotes. I adopt that treatment in my own open letters, and I try to show the different things I think about on a day-to-day basis (without sharing the same thoughts every time because I find that boring).


For example, in one open letter, I lamented that too few of my friends like science fiction.

I am not sure how many other lettrs users opt to send their messages via paper-post, but when I was doing my hands-on research (read: PLAYING WITH EVERYTHING!), I made sure to test it out by writing a letter to my pen pal, Keyanna. I didn’t know if the theme I had selected would be printed on the letter, but I picked a white serif font on a pink lotus flower background. I also asked her to let me know how she felt receiving it. As the letter-writer, the only thing that was really different when using lettrs was the typing part.

Sending a letter from lettrs was very easy. All I needed to do was submit my pen pal’s address on a form. For the delivery option I chose, regular paper with an embossed envelope, the charge was $2. Delivery for outside of the U.S. costs a dollar extra. Lettrs offers several different presentation options which cost more the fancier you get with it.

A screenshot of what the letter looked like while I wrote it in the lettrs app

A screenshot of what the letter looked like while I wrote it in the lettrs app

What Keyanna said: “AHHHHHH!” (No, really. She posted a picture to Instagram of the letter with this caption.) I don’t know about you, but I’m taking that as an indication that she liked it. I also saw that while the pink background from the app was gone, the font remained the same.

Keyanna's letter at its final destination

Keyanna’s letter at its final destination

What I say: While I don’t think lettrs is an app for everyone, I think that if you’re interested, you should definitely take the time to play around with it. It was different to type a letter up as opposed to writing it out by hand, but because I’m either really slow or just have a lot to say, it took about the same amount of time, which was a couple of days. Even using the open letter app was fun for me, so I think I’ll stick around it for a little while.