DC fans are in for a treat! In early 2016 DC will be releasing eight new six-issue miniseries focusing on old DC favourites.

The DC favourites will be launched back into the DC universe with the help of their original creators as well as some new talent. Focusing on DC’s continuing dedication to diversifying their universe, DC’s editor in chief Bob Harras said these miniseries are “really spotlighting what’s so fantastic about these characters” (via USA Today).

Len Wein, co-creator of Swamp Thing, will be back writing a new miniseries about the green monster as well as a new Metal Men. Marv Wolfman will be bringing back Teen Titans’ Raven, a long time fan favourite. Gerry Conway will once again be tackling Firestorm, and Mike W. Barr returns with the butt-kicking swordswoman Katana in Cult of the Kobra.

image source: Newsarama

image source: Newsarama

That’s not all! New writers will be revamping even more of DC’s old favourites. Amy Chu will be bringing a new twist to everyone’s favourite green thumb Poison Ivy in Cycle of Life and Death. Aaron Lopresti is bringing back Metamorpho , and finally Keith Griffin will be bringing back spoiled toddlers Sugar & Spike, but with a twist – Sugar & Spike are now older and have taken on a role as PIs, helping with problems that superheroes can’t take care of on their own.

Each new miniseries will tell a complete stand-alone story, however, should they prove successful each story also has the ability to serve as a jumping off point to help take the characters further into the DC universe.

via USA Today