Staff picks are whatever we’re hot and heavy into that month. Maybe a book that just came out, a new TV show on Netflix, a game we can’t stop playing, an app, a comic book we can’t put down, or something we’ve bought this month that we just love – it’s whatever we’re into and what we want to share with you Iggles! So here’s the October staff picks from your wonderful hosts at the IGGPPC Headquarters.


1. Sucré [Musician] (picked by Kara)
Sucré is a solo project by Stacy Dupree-King, singer and keyboard player for Eisley. Ever since catching her live show last month, I’ve been addicted. While the project is all Stacy, she was backed by The Honey Trees for the tour. Talk about an ethereal, mindblowing experience – this lady has some lungs! I’d highly recommend her latest release, Loner EP. Get ready to dance!

2. Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway [Book] (picked by Kim)
Finding a great book by an author who is new to you is like making a new best friend.

3. The Sims 4 [PC Game] (picked by Sumsy)
I received Sims 4 for my birthday and have been loving it! I’m used to playing Sims 3, so it took me a bit figure out all the new controls. There are some fun new things in this version – like being able to have Pen Pals!!! (So of course I made Sims of all the IGGPPC overloads and ninjas!)

4. Tsum Tsum [App] (picked by Sparkles)
I have never been this addicted to a cell phone app. I love puzzle games but when you add in collecting characters, well, I’ve become obsessed. I find myself desperately trying to collect coins so I can keep buying boxes to unveil new characters (or to get mad when the box just upgrades a previous character’s skill level). I highly recommend this free app. Just be prepared to lose time playing this game.

5. Horror Honeys [Website] (picked by Farquharson)
Hallowe’en is almost here and Horror Honeys is the website I defer to for all my horror needs. I love that is run by an all female team and that they cover everything from films and tv to games and books and everything in between.  They are also quick with the wit and sarcasm, which I appreciate on every level!

6. The Death of Archie: A life celebrated [Comic/Graphic Novel] (picked by Stewie)
I’ve been a die hard fan of Archie my whole life, and as I’ve grown up with the comic, so has the comic grown up with me. In its newer issues, the writers have shed light on more “grown up issues” – social, political, and global, giving us all something to really think about. At NYCC this year, I had a chance to get a copy of this graphic novel, signed by 4 of the artists. This newest issue covers the death of Archie at the end of the “Life of Archie” story arc. It’s a tearjerker, for sure… as long as you are not a robot! It gives us time to reflect on the classic characters, how they have grown, and think about our own lives: what makes life worth living or dying for. It’s a great way for us to celebrate the characters we’ve all come to know, and love, as friends.

7. Sunken Apple and Honey Cake [Recipe] (picked by Toasty)
I’m a bit obsessed with this recipe. I made it once already and I wanna make it for every upcoming holiday meal I can think of. And for breakfast. And after dinner. Lunch? It’s SO delicious and somewhat easy to make!

8. Nail Sugar [Make-up] (picked by Joanna)
For this month I’m picking Nail Sugar, a new line of top coats from Cinapro. They are not only super fun glitters, but they’ve got light up caps! It’s supposed to make application easier but I also just like playing with the light to make the bottle glow. My favorite shade so far is Sugar Rush, but there are ten to choose from!

9. Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure [Game] (picked by Valerie)
I just started playing Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure, & it is captivating. I foresee many hours of exploring & giggling!