Hi Iggles! It’s that time of the month again, when the IGGPPC staff shares the things they’ve been loving on, lusting for, and generally excited about. These are our picks for the month of October. As always, share your own October picks in the comments. We love finding about new and exciting things!


Toasty: Souldier Camera Strap [Camera Accessory]

When I was at the Austin City Limits music festival this month, I fell in love with the Souldier camera straps on sale at their Art Market. I hadn’t heard of this brand in particular, but the fabrics they used were beautiful, vintage inspired (some were actually vintage), and they were all very high quality. I ended up purchasing an adorable camera strap with owls on it and I love it! My husband couldn’t resist a stripey one too. Their website is really cool because you can custom build your camera strap and add padding or customize other bits, and they also sell guitar straps, dog collars, and other fun things. I also recently found out that they make the seatbelt camera straps that Photojojo sells, which I had been considering purchasing before I purchased my owl strap. These are a little cheaper because they don’t have the fun fabrics, but look to still be the same great quality!


Jen: “I FOLLOW THE THREE C’S: CATS COFFEE AND CUDDLES” T-shirt from Look Human. [Clothing]

It describes my daily goals right now with the cold weather that has arrived.


Joanna: Beyond the Trailer [YouTube Channel]

I’ve been obsessively following this YouTube channel lately. Grace Randolph reviews everything from full films to movie posters, breaking movie news to convention leaks and of course full trailers (including scene by scene analysis if you’re into that sort of thing– and I often am). Her insight is really interesting and she often gives background to films from the perspective of a genuine fan; check out her Suicide Squad videos to see what I mean.


Summer: Hamilton [Musical]

I bought tickets for Hamilton back in June and finally was in the room where it happened while I was in NYC for NYCC. Since then, I’ve listened to the album about 100 times and spend my days alternating which fabulous song is stuck in my head. If you love music, theatre, musical theatre, American history, and/or THINGS THAT ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING – you need to check this out. The cast album is on Spotify, so you have no excuses! Don’t be surprised if this is still my staff pick next month.


Rosa: Scream Queens [TV Show]

When I first saw the trailer for Scream Queens it looked to be pretty much everything I’ve always wanted in a show, so I was slightly apprehensive about actually watching it, but luckily I was not disappointed at all. It’s hilarious and bizarre, and just the perfect amount of scary (spoiler alert: it’s not very scary, I’m just such a chicken).


Kim: Lego Dimensions [Video Game]

The Ginger got it for me for my birthday, and I love it almost as much as I love our tiny new geek spawn. In fact, since we’re doing a comparison, it’s almost the same thing really. If you are a completionist, you’ll loose sleep trying to get all of the hidden items and Lego pieces in the worlds. You will also need to invest in the expansion team and fun packs to play through the whole story. You will look up halfway through a new world and realize you missed breakfast and lunch and that you probably should brush your hair or maybe take a shower. You will keep playing in spite of those truths.


Farquharson: Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez [Audiobook]

Locke and Key is one of my all time favourite comic book series, a perfect mix of horror, suspense and mystery. I was very apprehensive earlier this year when it was announced that it was to be adapted into an audiobook, I mean how can a comic become an audiobook effectively right? Well, my fears were unfounded as it is an absolute masterpiece with voice talent from the likes of Haley Joel Osmen, Tatiana Maslany and Kate Mulgrew it is not to be missed! Added bonus: the whole thing is completely free on Audible until November 4th!