Happy November Iggles! We hope you’re staying warm where you are, or cooling off if you’re on a warm part of the planet… and if that’s the case, you’re making me jealous! It was -1ºF or -18ºC this morning in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania… so if it is warm where you are… do you have a room for rent? Speaking of cold, our last round of the year is here, as we will be taking a break from pen pals for the holiday. Even Iggles need a holiday break! So remember, if you want a pen pal in 2014, sign up here!

Here at the IGGPPC HQ, things are bustling about as usual. Jen and Joanna are are in the kitchen completely covered in flour… baking cookies, pies and cakes! Toasty is laughing and trying to capture the whole thing on her camera. Kara and I are playing Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots under the Igglemasgiving tree, and it’s getting heated… her eye is kind of twitching though, so something tells me I ought to let her win… Farq is hiding behind the Igglemasgiving Tree, plotting how she is going to steal it and all of our gifts from us, and her skin has turned a slight tinge of green. Kim and Valerie are cuddled up in a giant blanket in front of the fire drinking cocoa and immersed in books… and Summer is trying to organize gifts under the tree. She has a system in mind, something about alphabetic by color and recipient.

So that’s all the news from the HQ, and now I’d like to introduce to you – our staff picks! They are quite nice this month!


1. Dues Ex Human Revolution for Xbox 360 [Xbox 360 Video Game] (picked by Kim)
I’m going with a game that’s been out for a few years. This pick offers an awesome mix of story and action set in a gritty and sometimes bleak future. Fans of both RPG and FPS games will find something to enjoy.

2. Cinderella (2015) [Movie] (picked by Stewie)
Of course I had to pick something Disney related… this is a big deal for Disney fans everywhere. They did a fabulous re-imagining of Sleepy Beauty with Maleficent last year, and in 2015 they’re keeping up with the classic Disney princess real life remakes and tackling Cinderella. Helena Bonham Carter as the fairy Godmother!? Epic! And those glass slippers look gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it! Watch the trailer here.

3. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries [TV Show] (picked by Sumsy)
When I grow up, I want to be Phryne Fisher. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Australian period crime drama based on the books by Kerry Greenwood. If you are looking for a witty/sexy/thrilling show to binge watch, seasons 1 and 2 are both streaming on US Netflix. They are currently filming season three, and I’ve been reading the books to keep up my Phryne fix in the mean time! You had me at 1920’s lady detective.

4. Anna Akana [YouTube Channel] (picked by Kara)
I stumbled on Anna Akana’s channel a few months ago after watching a make up tutorial parody she did. I’ve become a big fan of her funny and empowering vlogging. Then I discovered her short films, which she’s been creating and self-funding in order to teach herself the art of filmmaking. Her work is clever, twisted, and addictive. I’d highly recommend starting with Afflicted, Inc.

5. Simpsons x Hello Kitty Line [Designer Line/Clothes] (picked by Sparkles)
This line is super adorable! I just adore the the characters. It’s basically my childhood in a nutshell. And I’m loving this dress in particular!

6. Serial [Podcast] (picked by Toasty)
If you haven’t already started listening to Serial, there are totally enough episodes to binge listen it now. When I first heard about the Serial project while listening to This American Life, I didn’t know if I wanted to add yet another podcast to my list. But Serial isn’t just any other podcast. It’s a riveting true story, a murder mystery, an investigative report, and tale about the possibility of redemption. Every week I listen to it as soon as it hits iTunes, hungry for the next chapter, eager to hear new evidence in this case. We may never actually find out the full truth, but it feels like we’re all part of the investigation. Listen here!

7. EOS10 [Podcast] (picked by Farq)
EOS 10 is a sci-fi radio drama and follows the adventures of Dr. Ryan Dalias and Dr. Urvidian, two doctors on the Alliance space station EOS 10. I don’t want to give much away about the story but it is full of witty dialogue and hilarious mishaps. It reminds me A LOT of one of my other great loves, Archer, and is the best podcast since Welcome to Night Vale – you should definitely get involved with it! Listen here!

8. Star Wars Rebels [TV Show] (picked by Joanna)
My pick this month is the new animated series, Star Wars Rebels. I love a well done cartoon, and while I never could get into Clone Wars, this Star Wars series is off to a strong start. It’s the first big thing to come out since Disney acquired the property and so far things are looking good. I’m enjoying the character dynamics and the art style. If you are a Star Wars fan, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and if you like the new Ninja Turtles cartoon you’ll also find this right up your alley. Check it out!

9. Chocolate Chili Chai Tea [David’s Tea Flavor] (picked by Valerie)
Chocolate chili chai has been one of my favorite tea blends since my very first sip of it! It’s especially amazing when you’re fighting an illness or pains.