Welcome to the November edition of the IGGPPC Staff Picks! This month, we’re excited about some pretty awesome stuff. A couple things you’ll recognize from previous months, but they’re so great we wanted to mention them again! There’s also a special shout out to one of our very own. As always, please share your own picks in the comments, Iggles! We want to hear what you’re loving this month!


Toasty: Limetown [Podcast]

Limetown is a fairly new fictional podcast that is reminiscent of X-Files crossed with Serial. If you’re a fan of either of these, I think you should check it out. It’s going to be a seven part series, and five main episodes plus three tidbits are out right now. I binged the first five episodes and now I’m bouncing in my chair waiting for the next one!


Joanna: Mermaid Me [App]

MermaidMe is a sticker app that’s simple to use and simply adorable! You upload a picture (or take a fresh one) and add all sorts of mermaid and under the sea themed stickers to make it into mermaid magic! The app is by Traci Hines, the creator of the Hipster Mermaid series (just search on YouTube, you’ll find it!) and you can even add Traci to your photos. (Currently only available for iOS.)


Farquharson: Fallout 4 [Game] – Alternate Choice – PBS Idea Channel

“I don’t want to set the world on fiiiiiiiiiire”…..At the time of writing this I am only a measly 4 hours into playing it and it is already the greatest game I have ever played! If you are into retro futurism/post apocalyptic settings/rad 1940s/50s music/RPGs/beautiful graphics/all round good times you should definitely grab this game! I also wanted to give a shout out to PBS Ideas Channel – I’ve spent the last 6 weeks working my way through 3 years worth of videos which ask big questions about the culture we devour. Funny and insightful, host Mike Rugnetta is as witty as he is charming and I mean who wouldn’t want to know the answer to questions such as “Is BMO From Adventure Time Expressive of Feminism?” or “Is Doctor Who a Religion?


Summer: Joanna [Staff Member]

I am totally digging Joanna this month. She’s super swell and is a great cook. I love that when I am feeling blue, she is always reaching out to offer hugs, a shoulder to cry on, or a bottle of wine. Also, she is a great cat mom and a kick ass writer. You should check her out! (Oh, is that not what we meant by staff pick?)


Jen: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend [TV show]

This show is pretty darn entertaining. The songs (yes, this show is a musical and the actors break out into song a couple times each episode) are laugh out loud funny. This show definitely has it’s cheesiness and silliness, but it’s a fun show. I love the settings, the plot, the songs, and the lead, Rachel Bloom.


Stewie: Locke & Key by Joe Hill [Audio Book]

As I’ve moved a bit north of my job, I’ve got a longer commute, and a fierce need for some audio book goodness to occupy the hours I spend in the car each week. Thus, I’ve signed up for an Audible account. Farquharson recommended my first audio book adventure to be Locke & Key, originally a comic book. It’s not fair to call this an audio book – it’s a full blown theatrical audio production. Multiple voice actors, spooky sound effects, and enchanting music make this story immersive and magical. It’s hypnotizing, scary, and uber mystical. The original comic books are full of beautiful and imaginative artwork, so don’t leave those out if you listen to the book! Once you see how wild this story gets, you’ll want to see how it could possibly be drawn in comic book form.


Rosa: The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb [Book Series]

So technically this has been a long time favorite of mine, and not a new awesome thing I just discovered, but I recently picked up a new set in the possibly prettiest non-special edition of fantasy books ever printed. And so naturally, I’m rereading them, and falling in love with this world all over again. If you want to get into fantasy, but are unsure where to start, this one would be a good place. (And then you will obviously have to let me know, so we can geek out together.)


Kimberlee: Doctor Who Tea Infuser/Strainer [Tea Accessory]

This month my choice is my licensed Doctor Who tea infuser/strainer. It makes for a lovely cuppa. The tea leaves totally get bigger on the inside!