This is my first EVER unboxing and I’m so happy to do it! What is Novel Tea Club?? Well, it’s a new subscription box where their catch phrase is “All you need for a good night in: A novel, a delicious beverage, and something a little extra to make the night special.” So let’s get started.

First thing’s first, let’s look at the box….

Novel Tea box

Here’s a picture of the lovely box that was waiting for me when I got home…. I have to admit I squeed a little! And then I opened it!

NT open box

So many goodies hidden under a layer of beautiful tissue paper!

NT Tea

First I unboxed the Tea… and I found three lovely types of Naturals Organics – Chamomile, Lemon Grass Green and Bergamot Citrus. I am very excited to open them and try them. I usually love the Chamomile but I think I may have to try the Lemon Grass Green first. It sounds like a nice book tea!

NT candle

Next was this Apple Chai candle. It smells so lovely and my daughter actually asked to put it in her room (I had to say no though because it’s mine!).

NT Bath Salt

Following the Candle was some Anti-Stress Epsom Salts. I think I know where my evening is going once the kid is in bed.

NT Chocolate

And just to make matters worse, a Toblerone! Seriously, this is awesome. I get everything for an awesome night in inside one little box!

NT Book

Finally, the kicker! A Sci-Fi novel by Robert Charles Wilson called Burning Paradise. I obviously signed up for the Sci-Fi/Fantasy collection and this one does not disappoint. Here’s the general description on the book:

Cassie Klyne, nineteen years old, lives in the United States in the year 2015—but it’s not our United States, and it’s not our 2015.

Cassie’s world has been at peace since the Great Armistice of 1918. There was no World War II, no Great Depression. Poverty is declining, prosperity is increasing everywhere; social instability is rare. But Cassie knows the world isn’t what it seems. Her parents were part of a group who gradually discovered the awful truth: that for decades—back to the dawn of radio communications—human progress has been interfered with, made more peaceful and benign, by an extraterrestrial entity. That by interfering with our communications, this entity has tweaked history in massive and subtle ways. That humanity is, for purposes unknown, being farmed.

Cassie’s parents were killed for this knowledge, along with most of the other members of their group. Since then, the survivors have scattered and gone into hiding. Cassie and her younger brother Thomas now live with her aunt Nerissa, who shares these dangerous secrets. Others live nearby. For eight years they have attempted to lead unexceptional lives in order to escape detection. The tactic has worked.

Until now. Because the killers are back. And they’re not human. (Google Books)

Goodread rates this at a 3.3, but it definitely looks like a good evening read. There’s nothing better than Aliens to finish off January.

Now this subscription box can be purchased in 3 different genres at the moment (and they state they are always adding more); they are Young Adult, Romance and Sci Fi/Fantasy. I am really tempted to sign up for the Young Adult as well… I can always use new books, right? Heck, Romance has a Laurel K Hamilton (Romance… Horror… a little something something) who is my absolute favourite author, so I may have to get one of each. Damn… when am I going to have the time to read all of these?!

If you want more info check out their site at NovelTea.Club or follow them on Facebook and Twitter! You can use code IGGLESREAD for a discount on your first box!

NT Final Shot

All in all… a nice little kit for a lovely night of self care!