Fantasy month makes me nostalgic for the fantastic movies and books of my childhood. The Neverending Story and The Chronicles of Narnia kept me glued to books (and wardobes!), hoping I’d be transported into a magical world, ready to embark on a strange new adventure with an all-star cast of bizarre talking creatures to help me along the way. I love being able to showcase my love of fandom IRL, so I collected up some of my favorite fantasy-inspired real world goodies that you can totally buy!


1. “Not all who wander are lost” Sweatshirt by Jordandené: The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit are arguably the most well known fantasy books of all time… So I knew I’d be remiss not to include something that showcased that. Plus Jordandené sweatshirts are among some of the most comfy! So comfy cozy…

2. Hobbit Garden Soy Candle jar by Bubble and Geek: I’m a candle addict! I burn them all the time – and the more earthy smelling the better. I’d bet burning this while reading a fantasy novel just adds to the immersion. I wish I could smell it through the computer!

3. Handmade Harry Potter Watercolor Notecards by The Watercolorie: You can never have too much stationery! Harry Potter is everyone’s favorite Mage-heavy fantasy. And these chic watercolor notecards are just too fabulous not to add to your already overflowing stationery drawer.

4. The Neverending Story Hand Bag by Twilight Crafts: This is a purse that no doubt gets a lot of compliments. Carry the infamous Orin-adorned book everywhere you go! With this purse, your odds of making a friend like Falcor probably increase by at least 50%.

5. Blue Worm Labyrinth Wood Brooch by Hungry Designs: Oh my gosh I’m squeeing! This worm (whom I have learned has no name, but I shall call him Hubert) is the most helpful of direction giving worms. He’s always sure to direct you away from the castle! With this brooch, you’ll probably never get lost. Probably.

6. Narnia Map Infinity Scarf by Classroomfall: Bring your map of Narnia with you always, in the most fashionable of ways! This way you’ll always know the way to Mr. Tumnus’ house, in case you need to stop for tea. (But not the sleepy kind of tea, Mr. Tumnus!!)

7. Dark Crystal Skeksis necklace: Jim Henson is arguably the master of creepy fantasy creatures! I’ve never seen the Dark Crystal, but I’ve been told it was a major gateway drug for fangirls everywhere. I just love how weird and wonderful this necklace is!

8. Fantasy RPG Adventurer Kit mug by HUMAN: You guys should know this by now, but it’s totally dangerous to go alone. This mug is like a nerdy grocery list of all the stuff you can’t forgot on your journey! Plus who can remember all that stuff without some coffee in their system?! Now if only you had a Bag of Holding for all the goods…

9. Game of Thrones House Stark Writing Sheets by Please Deliver To: I myself am more of a Lannister girl, but hey – every House needs their own set of stationery! Be sure to send your regards to your friends at King’s Landing … I wasn’t kidding when I said you can never have too much stationery!

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