Good day to you fair people of the IGGPPC Nation! I have triumphantly returned with another edition of NTTW all about videogames! I have scoured the world wide web looking for the best VG themed items I could find!


Pokeball Pin Cross Stitch Pinback Button Brooch from Synapse to Synapse
– Show your poke-pride with this cute cross stitched button badge!

Sega Megadrive Bag from Insert Coin Clothing
– IC have struck gold again with this awesome messenger style bag which looks like a Mega Drive!

Triforce Undies from So Effing Cute
– This is the first pair of undies features on NTTW and what a fine pair they are!


Minecraft Creeper Plush PDF Pattern from Deadly Sweet Plushes
– For all you crafty iggles out there how about this cute mini plush pattern so you can make your own creeper!

Portal Cookie Cutters from Think Geek
– It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include some Portal wares on this edition and I have been eyeing up these cookie cutters for a looooooong time!

Rainbow Road Princess Peach Poster from Ron Guyatt
– Everyone I know loves MarioKart but hates Rainbow Road but I bet you don’t hate this retro Princess Peach print by Ron Guyatt!

Original P-Station Controller Full Skirt from Go Follow Rabbits
– I have a lot of love for the PS1, it was the first real console we had in our house and I spent a lot of hours playing Future Cop LAPD, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear and Medievil. 

Rainbow Rage – Mario Kart Inspired Nail Polish from Gamer Gloss
– Arguably the most infuriating level on Mario Kary, this inspired polish from Gamer Gloss is one of a series inspired by the classic game! 

Animal Crossing Stationery Notecards (10 Pack) from Crafted With Zeal
– For all you Animal Crossing loving pen pals out there how about this notecard which includes 10 cards!


Sonic The Hedgehog Watercolour Illustration from Coco Milla
– There was a time when I could complete Sonic The Hedgehog on the Game Gear in about 45 minutes, I loved that game hard. This print is the perfect modern tribute to the fastest hedgehog ever.

Resident Evil T-Virus Necklace from YellerCrakka Charms
– Now you can be responsible for the next zombie apocalypse with this T-Virus vial necklace. Anti-virus pendant also available in case you change your mind!

Super Mutant Shimmer Powder from AFK Cosmetics
– Fallout 3 is one of my favourite games of the last decade and this shimmer powder is the perfect super mutant colour! All their make-up is 100% vegan and cruelty free!

That’s it for this week gamers! As is tradition if you have seen some ace gear that you think I should have included here or you have a suggestion for a collection leave it in the comments below!

Happy Window Shopping!