Ahoy-hoy IGGPPC Nation, I am back again with another edition of Noses to the Window. This week we’ll be looking at some wonderful pieces I have found on the theme of unicorns. These mythical creatures never go out of style so here’s what I have dug up from the depths of the interpipes that you can own to show your uni-love.


Unicorn Portrait Sweater from Mr. Gugu & Miss Go
– Sweater season is upon us and you’re sure to stand out from the crowd with this Unicorn Portrait.

Watercolor Unicorn Art Print from Cheeky Sheep Designs
– Walls need unicorn love too you know. Brighten yours with this spacey unicorn print.

Unicorn Necklace from Nonfiction
– An edition of Noses wouldn’t be complete without some laser cut jewelry, this week I have opted for this minimalist piece from Nonfiction.


Waterslide Unicorn Nail Decals from House of Wonderland
– Nail decals brighten up any paint job and these ones are no exception.

Unicorn Headband from Janine Basil
– Give your hair-do some mythical magic with this statement headband.

Tea Rules The World from Takae Mizutani and Sons
– The old nursery rhyme goes”The lion and the unicorn, Were fighting for the crown, The lion beat the unicorn, All around the town.” but there’ll be no fighting over this lovely sugar and cream tea set.


Quirk It Out Socks in Unicorn from Modcloth
– Even feet are getting in on the unicorn madness, these socks from Modcloth will keep your toes toasty.

Papercraft Unicorn Head Mount from Paperwolf
– This is probably my favorite of all the unicorn items I found, who wants a stag head adorning their wall, when you could have a magnificent unicorn?

Raising Unicorns: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Starting and Running a Successful – and Magical! – Unicorn Farm by Jessica S Marquis
– Ever wanted to start a unicorn farm? Well you’re in luck as this book gives you a wealth of knowledge on caring for them


Unicorn Violence Eye Dress from Harajuku Fashion
– We take a dark turn here, with the zombified unicorns, skulls and poison bottles that adorn this dress from Harajuku Fashion.

Plush Unicorn Bouquet from Think Geek
– Stuck for what to buy for your best friends birthday, chances are they would probably go wild for this bouquet of plush unicorns…and they last a lot longer than a bunch of flowers!

Unicorn Skeleton Note Card from Caustic Threads
– Need some new notecards for sending little ditties to your pen pals? How about these unicorn skeleton one which are screen printed in any colour of your choosing!

That concludes another edition of Noses to the Window. As always if you have stumbled upon any awesome unicorn gear or you have a suggestion for a collection leave a comment below!

Happy Window Shopping!