As you may well be aware, IGGPPC was founded partially on the fact that Stewbie & I have a serious addictions to stationery, both of us having more stickers, writing paper, notebooks, pens and tape than we care to admit. We’re not the only ones either…I know that lot’s of you share our love so I’ve spent some time over the last few weeks collating a list of rad stationery bits and pieces that I think you’ll love!

Writing Instruments



Cute Slim Ball Point Pens – 5 Pack from kikki.k
Perfect from popping in your bag, doodling on envelopes and with this many you could even send one to your pen pal!
Twin Peaks Pencil Set – 6 Pack from The Carbon Crusader
Not a fan of Twin Peaks? The Carbon Crusader also have pencils with quotes from Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Labyrinth, Pulp Fiction and more!
Yummy Scented Gel Glitter Pens  – 12 Pack from Papyrus
– Give your letters that little something extra with scented gel pens!

Writing Paper

paperPacific Rim Writing Paper – 15 A5 Sheets from Please Deliver To
A truly geeky stationery shop, Please Deliver To also has writing sheets themed on Fringe, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Veronica Mars, Community and more!
Clever Dinosaurs Stationery – 6 sheets & 6 envelopes from 16 Sparrows
Everyone likes dinosaurs – no exceptions. This set of writing sheets from 16 Sparrows is superb, with 3 designs included.
Unicorn Stationery –  6 sheets & 6 envelopes from Snew
Because writing on normal sized pieces of paper is overrated, these neon, unicorn shaped writing sheets are sure to brighten the day of anyone who receives one!

Postcards and Notecards


Mythical Creatures Postcards – 4 Pack (2 designs)  from Kriski
Yorkshire based illustrator Kristyna Baczynski creates whimsical postcards which are sure to delight your pen pals
Hello Companion – Single Postcard from Stationerdy
One of many geek designs available from Stationerdy, show your House GlaDOS pride with this postcard
Mr. Octopus Artisan Notecards – 8 Cards & 8 Envelopes from Plastic Land
If you are feeling a bit more nautically inclined these cards are for you. It’s also hand to have a set of blank cards handy for thank you notes, quick birthday cards or just cheery greetings!



Wizard of Oz Postage Stamp Stickers – 4 Sheets/80 Stickers from Eccentric Fox
I was hard pressed which stickers to show you from Eccentric Fox as they have a gorgeous selection but I fell in love with these unusual Wizard of Oz ones!
Kawaii Food Lunchtime Stickers –  1 Sheet/62 Stickers from Tofu Cute
– There is nothing like an envelope covered in kawaii stickers to lift your mood at least 68% and Tofu Cute has an amazing range
Bookworm Sticker Pack – 1 Sheet/8 Stickers from Scrawny Girl
– These bookworm stickers are just one of a few super cute, hand drawn sticker sets from Scrawny Girl

Washi Tape


Ticket Washi Tape – 1 Roll (10m) from The Fox and Star
Washi tape is all the rage these days, and with good reason! The uses for it are endless and this vintage ticket stub roll from The Fox and Star is wonderful.
Hearts and Clouds Washi Tape – 1 Roll (10m) from Chamby and Cor
If you are a bit more whimiscally inclinded then this cloud and hearts tape is the one for you.
Alphabet Sticky Tape – 1 Roll (66m) from Lucy Loves This  (Not On The High Street)
With 66m on a roll you will undoubtledly have this tape for a long, long time!



“Paradoxes I Have Caused While Traveling Through Time” Pocket Notebooks -3 Pack from Evil Supply Co.
– Need to write down the secrets of your latest experiments? This pack of 3 handy notebooks should keep you going for a while!
Doctor Who River Song’s TARDIS Journal from Think Geek
– Don’t travel trough time without one! Spoilers, sweetie.
Wow Letterpressed Notebook from 1973 Gift Shop
– Want something a little less time travel related? This vibrant notebook from 1973 Gift Shop would be an excellent edition to the stack of half used notebooks you already own (or is that just me?)

As well as all these products I highly recommend you check out what else these fine purveyors of stationery have in stock as they are all full with items you’re gonna love! If you know of a stationery shop that isn’t listed here, leave it in the comments so we can all go virtual window shopping together!