Greetings and Salutations IGGPPC Nation. With Hallowe’en so close I can almost taste it, for this weeks Noses to the Window I have put together a collection of spooky, weird and creepy clothing, jewelry, housewares and more for your viewing pleasure.


Phrenology Vest from Disturbia
– Studying a pseudoscience never looked so cool with this x-ray skull vest.

Bride of Frankenstein Silhouette Necklace from CABfayre
– I am a sucker for laser cut jewelry, and this piece from CABfayre is no exception.

Spider Creepy Cup from creaturecups
– It is my opinion that you could scare most people with this cup!


Circus Skeleton Clown Hand Painted Folk Art Doll from Cart Before The Horse
– Clowns are the focus of a lot of peoples fears, I’d say this beautiful hand painted doll in’t scary at all, haunting maybe, but not scary.

Occult Skeleton, Vintage Dictionary Print from Stay Gold Media
– Deck your walls with this vintage looking print.

Horror Series Russian Nesting Dolls from Pretties For You Shop
– Michael and Freddy and Jason, oh my! A must own for slasher fans.


Raise the Dead Evil Merit Badge from Evil Supply Co.
– Who needs knot tying and wildlife spotting badges when you can have a Raise the Dead one instead? Badges also available for ‘Build Skeleton Army’, ‘Executed Hero Without Revealing Plan’, ‘Killer Robot Maintenance ‘ and more!

‘Food For Thought’ Miniature Brain Diorama from Damn French Desserts
–  Freak out your friends with this miniature diorama. The brain and fork in a belljar is equal parts cute and creepy.

Sad Ghost Club Tee from Lize Meddings
– All the cool kids want to be in the Sad Ghost Club, me included. This t-shirt is available for pre-order now.


Moonchild Skater Dress from Killstar
– Skater dresses are the perfect garment to dress up or down and this witchy one from Killstar is beautiful simplicity.

Serial Killer Leggings from Geoffery Mac for Sharon Needles
– From the mind of drag queen Sharon Needles and designer Geoffery Mac, these serial killer leggings are only for the morbidly inclined among us.

Kraken Tentacle Wrap Earring from Plastic Land
– Our last item today is an exceptional piece of statement jewelry from Plastic Land. This kraken inspired earring will certainly turn heads…and tentacles!

That concludes another edition of Noses to the Window. As always if you have stumbled upon any creepy gear or you have a suggestion for a collection leave a comment below!

Happy Window Shopping!