Hello and Happy Halloween (tomorrow anyways)!

Welcome back to another ‘Noses To The Window’ post! Are you dressing up for Halloween? Do you have a party to go to or are you accompanying the little ones in costume while they trick or treat? Halloween is all about the pumpkins, candy, and movies for me. But I do have a Halloween party to go to this year so I’ll be dressing up. I thought I’d share some of my favourite Halloween finds with you. 


1. Laboratory Shot Glasses by ThinkGeek

I think these are the cutest shot glasses and I’d love to have them on my shot glass shelf all year round! But they’re the perfect addition to any Halloween party. 

2. Pumpkin Earrings by Inspired Theory

These earrings are so pretty and perfect to wear throughout Autumn. They’re something subtle to wear on Halloween to the office. 

3. Ouija Board Skirt by Toot Sweet Skirts

This skirt is absolute perfection! The pattern and style is amazing! I’d definitely wear this to a Halloween party and wear a planchette piece around my neck on a necklace. 

4. Endoskeletal Hand Jive Skirt by ModCloth

Another wonderful skirt to wear on Halloween or to a party! 

5. Blue Power Ranger Tunic by We Love Fine

I think all these geeky tunics that are popular right now are such an easy way to dress up on Halloween. Pair this tunic with some blue leggings and put an ass kicking look on your face, and you’re set!

6. Creature Eyes Lollipops by Designer Lollipop

These lollipops are so awesome! If you were having a small Halloween gathering, you could give these out to all your guests. I’m not sure if I’d be able to eat such a masterpiece though. 

If you are dressing up, what are you going as? 

xo Sparkles