Ahoy There!

Welcome to the first of many posts from Jen and I about geek fashion and shopping called ‘Noses To The Window’! We will be blogging regularly on new and exciting things we have seen while window shopping around the internet (which we do A LOT!) but also putting together themed collections.

For our first week I am going to do a themed selection of ‘Dark Fairy Tales’ using only the shopping joy that is etsy. So if you have ever wanted to channel your inner evil queen here are six pieces to get you started…


1. The Necklace: Steam Queen – Regal Victorian Statement Necklace by Licorice Jewelry
There is no way they won’t see you coming with this bobby dazzling statement necklace. Nothing says “get out of my way” like a skull wearing a crown.

2. The Shoes: Ouija Board Heels by Faith is Fabulous 
So these technically are more horror than fairytale but they still sent a shiver down my spine.

3. The Bag: Grimms Complete Fairy Tales Book Purse by Novel Creations
Now I know there are some people who will scream “travesty” at the thought of turning a book into a bag, but I say: these are freaking awesome…I’ll take one of each!

4. The Dress: Black Tea Length Party Dress by Ouma
Just because you want to go dark, doesn’t mean you have to tone down the whimsical

5. The Crown: Black ”Reginam Malam” Gothic Couture Beaded Wirework Crown by Liv V Free
You cannot be a queen without a crown, and this is a very good crown.

6. The Ring: Forest Fairy Tale Ring by Odd Princess
I just love all of these designs, but this one was the best. Haunting and beautiful.

Well I hope you enjoyed those beautiful pieces. In closing I will leave you with a quote from the screen icon Mae West:

“I used to be Snow White, but I drifted”