Ahoy There IGGPPC Nation! I am back again with another edition of Noses to the Window! This week I have found some amazing items for all you book lovers out there from clothing to housewares and even a finger puppet!


Dr. Seuss Book Cover Charm Bracelet from Murals4U
– I am a sucker for charm bracelets and this Dr Seuss one stole my heart!

Library Card Socks from Out Of Print
– Choosing just one item from OOP was hard! They have such a great selection of literary clothes and accessories, in the end these socks won me over!

Jurassic Park Recycled Book Purse from Novel Creations
– These recycled book bags are fantastic, with designs ranging from gothic literature, science fiction, fairy tales and more!


Polyjuice Potion Recipe  Women’s Hostess Apron from Jordandene
– Harry Potter accessories are ten a penny, you can get pretty much anything imaginable tied in to the Boy Wizard and his adventures. This apron stood out among the crowd with its recipe for polyjuice potion on it. 

Edgar Allen Poe Eye Chart Pendant from Mymbal’s Daughter
– I have included this pendant because I actually own one myself and it’s one of my favorite pieces! Other designs in the same style include Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw.

Shakespeare Pencils (Set of 5) from SIX0SIX
 – These pencils are hand covered in the pages from a William Shakespeare play. You can choose which of his works you have one your set including Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and The Taming of the Shrew.


Hunter S. Thompson Felt Finger Puppet from Mullish Muse
– It would be amiss if I did not include something to represent one of my own favorite writers, Hunter S Thompson. Now you could recreate scenes from Fear and Loathing on your fingertips!

Pride and Prejudice Postcard Set from Literary Emporium
– Share your love of Austen with your pen pal with this set of cards each with a different quote from the classic Pride and Prejudice

‘The Owl And The Pussycat’ Cushion from Door 77
– One can never have enough cushions to laze on while indulging in a good book. This screen printed one has the full poem on it!


‘Before I Die, I Hope To Read At Least Half Of The Books I Own’ Pinback Button from Beanforest
– Most book worms probably feel this way and this little button badge from Beanforest is the perfect for sticking on your book bag!

‘Dune’ Frank Herbert Art Print from The Affair
– I love, love, love this book cover art print of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic ‘Dune’. The Affair stock a wide range of prints and t-shirts to cater for the discerning book lover (although they are only in men’s sizes)

Alice In Wonderland Board Book and Playset from Berry Red
– I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This pop out playset with its 60s inspired design is just dreamy.


‘Only Dull People Are Brilliant At Breakfast’ Oscar Wilde Quote Hand Stamped Vintage Spoon from Goozeberry Hill
– Brighten up your breakfast cereal, soup or ice-cream with this delightful hand stamped spoon!

‘Come Watson, The Game Is Afoot’ Sherlock Holmes Quote Brass Cuff Bracelet from Jezebel Charms
– There are many great literature inspired cuffs in this shop, but as many of you are Sherlock fans I went with this cuff with one of the most famous Sherlock quotes and a floor plan of 221b Baker Street!

Whodunit Charm Bracelet from A Likely Story
– We started with a charm bracelet, and this edition of Noses will end the same way. I love mystery books so I couldn’t resist this ‘WhoDunIt’ bracelet!

That’s all I have for you this week! If you have stumbled across any amazing literary items or have a suggestion for what should be covered on here next leave a comment below!

Happy Window Shopping!