Welcome back to another ‘Noses To The Window’ post! If anyone follows my personal blog, you would know that I’m in full blown Autumn-mode! The weather has cooled drastically here and the leaves are changing colour. I’ve been pulling out all my leggings, sweatshirts, and cardigans. I’ve also been drinking even more hot beverages than normal because after dinner walks put a chill in my body. I know it’s not Autumn everywhere, heck the Southern hemisphere is heading into warm weather. But I still thought I’d share some of my favourite Autumn items with the Iggles and Miggles experiencing Fall.


1. Forest Friends Woodland Pillow by Savage Seeds

I’ve been a fan of Savage Seeds’ adorable pillows for years now. These leaves completely won me over though. They’d be so cute to have out in the living room during the Fall months.

2. Cunning Hat by knerdsworld

The description on Etsy says it all “This hat has nothing to do with the best show ever. Nothing at all. Its just cunning is all.” A hat to cover your ears is necessary when there’s cold wind and this hat rocks!

3. Always Harry Potter Pullover Hoodie by parenholly

Click on the link and check out the back of this hoodie…. done? How awesome is this? I’d wear it every day!

4. Cafe Cutie Skirt by ModCloth

I fell in love with the colours of this skirt first and then the print second. It’s so pretty and I think it would be lovely paired with tights and a cardigan during the cold months.

5. Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess Leggings by Hot Topic

Not only am I huge fan of Adventure Time, but LSP is my favourite character on the show. These leggings are great because even though they’re covered with LSPs, it’s still only two colours. They’re not ‘in your face’.

6. Multicolor Animals Mug by DAVIDsTEA

DAVIDsTEA is amazing. I have more teas from them than I’d like to admit. I also have a couple of their perfect tea mugs. Their new designs for Fall are to die for though. I want to buy more just for the prints.

What’s on your wishlist for the colder months? And for the people reading this that are heading into Spring, what’s your favourite thing about the Fall months?

xo Sparkles