Recently I gave you a review of No Man’s Sky and it has come to my attention that a lot of things have changed since the post was published. I’m sure you’ve been seeing a lot of different things that are going on with the game trending on different sites. I have compiled the information here to give you the best description of what’s going on with this title. Only factual evidence will be used and no ungrounded claims will be brought up in this re-look.

What we are missing


It was assumed when No Man’s Sky launched that the deeper we went into space the more we would discover. One of the first strange things that happened were when two players found they had landed on the same planet and tried meeting up. This, however, did not work as the players found the same location but could not see one another. It was stated in an interview that it’d be hard to come across another player, but if it happened you could see them. Most people ignored this first bit and kept playing.

As the first bit of players really started moving through the star systems they noticed the absence of sand planets and giant creatures. The giant creatures were a staple with the advertising of No Man’s Sky so not finding them was pretty strange. Sand worlds where also showed off in the trailers, but have yet to be found. Now our problem with this is a lot of planets in each star system are very similar and after about 18 hours of gameplay you catch on to this. With the similarities between the planets and multitude of games it’s very improbable that we simply haven’t discovered a sand world.

There’s also the fact that at no point can you customize your ship more than adding slots to it. Ship customization was promised and, well, we can’t find that anywhere either.  On top of that there’s also supposed to be ruins with portals that transport you to other planets. We’ve found the ruins, but they are completely inactive. On top of this there are missing technical features like gravity effects and the difference between how each ship feels in flight.

Why we didn’t catch it


Reviewers try to get a review out for you as quick as possible meaning that we play the games from the time we get it to when we feel we are ready to present. No Man’s Sky is everything I said it was in the review during my first 25 hours of gameplay. Since it was an infinite universe with infinite possibilities. Generally, we assumed by the excitement of the first bit that it was going to be a game you could go back to time after time for your enjoyment. To a degree this is very much still true; I thoroughly enjoyed those 25 hours.

After the 25 you start to rummage around a little trying to find all the cool things you saw in the trailer. Generally, you end up going towards the storylines of Atlas or riding to the center. The center takes between 30 to 100 hours to get to and is, of course, a secret.. well it was until what it was came out.

Generally, we didn’t have time enough to get to everything so we got as much of a grasp as we could on the gameplay, controls, and story.  There were also comments made by Hello Games after release which we did not agree with, like the possible pay model they said they would do on DLC, which is the opposite of their original statement. We haven’t really had something like this happen before because most developers are very good about communicating with the players.

I do not want to spoil the end of the game, but it is highly advised that you check it yourself to make a decision of how to play the game. Leave your comments below with your thoughts on No Man’s Sky.