One of the few games with strong lead lesbian characters

Let’s start with one of the most unique parts about Nights of Azure. You don’t see a lot of strong lead females in gaming but you see even fewer lesbians. Nights of Azure is a game with fun mechanics a strange story and high replay value.  The game really pulls through with its strong combat and unique party system. The lead character Arnice is strong-willed and extremely independent as well as her best friend Lilysse. The world and artwork in the game is breath-taking and the music is purchase worthy.  You curious yet, well you should be!

Introduction into Nights of Azure

The game starts off with Arnice getting off of a boat on an Island called Rusewall and meeting up with Lilysse after years of work as a knight for the Curia organization. She is there to help stop the night an event that has to be sealed away about every decade by sacrificing a saint to the Night Lord to seal him with his power. Because of the night and a war that took place about 100 years ago the night is over run by fiends who got brought about by touching the blood of the Night Lord that rained down when he was defeated in battle. Arnice soon finds out the saint she is going to sacrifice is Lilysse and her feelings become very conflicted as the story progresses and their relationship grows. They spend most of their time while not hunting fiends out a hotel with a black cat that’s fond of Lilysse, Simon the hotel manager and a messenger for the Curia, Professor Alucard who studies the behavior of fiends, and  Lloyd a merchant who steals his wares.

Nights of Azure Taken from Official trailer" Cut Scene with Arnice and Lilysse.

Taken from Official trailer” Cut Scene with Arnice and Lilysse.

Combat in Nights of Azure

The combat for this game is nothing short of completely phenomenal.  It has a very fast paced feel like a Devil May Cry games and the enemies come in hoards similar to the Dynasty Warrior franchise.  You have an assortment of weapons including twin blades and a sword that you use to block, heavy attack,combo, and special attack. There are different ultimate forms you can activate for a short amount of time to do high bursts of damage. You can also control and burst your servans as well as use strategic plans determining when to attack and hold back to create an effective strategy depending on the enemy you are facing. You get 4 decks of servans that are acquired by spending skill points and each deck can have 4 total. They can be leveled up and gain abilities every other level.  There are different classes of servans like healers,attack,block, and status enablers.

Graphics, artwork and music in the game

The game is a little lacking if you play it on PS4 and the graphics were made on a PS3  system so it’s not as shiny as it could be. The art is beautiful however and you can see the work Gust put in to their characters and world.  The music is also top quality and was done by the composer of the Atelier series. Areas in the game are all well designed and have beautiful backdrops to look at while you sweep the fiends.  The game also includes skits that can be activated as bonuses by walking around during  the chapters there are also several side quests with the other characters you can take on.  Along with extra quest you get bonus back story and a pretty art piece.

Nights of Azure Taken from official trailer: combat.

Taken from official trailer: combat.

Overall Nights of Azure is a solid game that I would buy again. You can get about 20 hours of game play out of it easily and it’s fun to re-run bosses and have your friends over to swap the controller with. The story isn’t ground breaking but it is a sweet love ballot between to believable characters.  The combat, scenery and music is completely  hand in hand with making an amazing environment to battle in.n Overall if you like fast paced combat type games you should pick this up and give it a shot it recently had a price drop and can be found for around 35 USD. This game is currently available for PS4, PS3 and Playstation Vita.

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