Happy New Year Iggles and welcome to your new year fitness plan! We’re super excited about this month’s challenge and we’re really looking forward to seeing what you all think about it! Hopefully we’ll see a lot of new faces due to new year’s resolutions and that you’ll stick around for how awesome our fitness challenges are… plus achievements!!

The idea originally came from the “full name workout” where there is an exercise for each letter of the alphabet and then you use whatever letters make up your name for your workout. What we’re proposing is just ever so slightly different; we’re going to supply a list of exercises for the letters of the alphabet and then each day throughout the month of January we will tweet and update on the forum a Word of the Day which will make up your daily exercise. The extra twist is that all the words will be alien related so that we fit nicely into this months theme.

So the exercises for each letter are as follows, if you want a printable version, click here.


A – 20 Crunches                                                  N – 10 Burpees

B – 1 Minute Plank                                             O – 1 Minute Punches

C – 20 Lunges                                                      P – 30 Arm Circles

D – 1 Minute High Knees                                  Q – 10 Crunches

E – 20 Push Ups                                                  R – 2 Minute Wall Sit

F – 1 Minute Wall Sit                                          S – 25 Jumping Jacks

G – 50 Jumping Jacks                                        T – 10 Push Ups

H – 1 Minute Jog On The Spot                         U – 40 Knee To Elbows

I – 15 Mountain Climbers                                  V – 15 Sit Ups

J – 15 Squats                                                         W – 2 Minute High Knees

K – 20 Knee To Elbows                                       X – 2 Minute Jog On The Spot

L – 30 Sit Ups                                                        Y – 10 Lunges

M – 15 Tricep Dips                                               Z – 30 Squats


For January’s wellness challenge we were thinking of going along with the Dryathalon, but not everyone drinks so what we would like you to do is choose one thing that you know is bad enough and give it up for the month of January. Make sure you tweet us and let us know what you are giving up!

So that’s it, as we said we really hope you enjoy this months challenge and we look forward to hearing from you all. As usual keep in touch through @IggleFitness on Twitter and use the #IggleFitness.

If there’s any kind of exercise you’d like to see over the coming year, please let us know and we’ll try to incorporate it where we can.