News and teasers about Marvel’s next film, Ant-Man, have been dropping like crazy lately. This really isn’t a surprise since we are in the last promotional push before the July 17 release date. Last week Marvel released 12 images from the flick, including an image of Evangeline Lilly as Hope Van Dyne admiring the Yellowjacket armor (foreshadowing perhaps?).

Hope Yellowjacket

Of course there is also an image of Paul Rudd as Ant-Man with his new-found allies.


To check out the rest of the images head over to Marvel’s webpage. And if those images don’t excite you enough, we’ve got a new extended teaser for the film (you can watch it below) and some new posters!

The newly released poster images show Scott Lang standing as Ant-Man on gear from various Avengers. I don’t know about you, but the posters have me super excited. And given the previous casting news about the massive amount of players set to make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War, Marvel is definitely trying to link one of its more obscure heroes with the larger Cinematic Universe.

AntManCA AntManIM AntManThor









We are a little more than a month from the release on July 17th. Will you be headed to the theater to check out the miniature hero? Do you think Ant-Man will find the success that Guardians of the Galaxy did?




Via Marvel and Comic Book Resources