With the huge success of Arrow, it was only a matter of time before CW reached further into the DC universe to pull out another hit. The Flash exceeded all expectations and even earned itself higher ratings than its sister show. So why ruin a winning formula?

The CW has dug a little deeper this time, and instead of producing a series focusing on one superhero, they’ll be looking at six legends. Yep, you heard me, not heroes – LEGENDS! DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be a spinoff series combining characters from both Arrow and The Flash. It won’t air until 2016, as part of CW’s midseason line-up, but they already have a strong cast, and have even produced a trailer for us to sink our teeth into ..I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

So I feel a little introduction to what we already know is in order. Like I mentioned earlier, possibly with a little too much enthusiasm, the team will be made up of legends – that’s heroes AND villains. Dun Dun Dun! I’m picturing Justice League mixed with a little Suicide Squad ..well, hoping anyway.

Dr Martin Stein (Victor Garber), Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee), White Canary (Caity Lotz), and The Atom (Brandon Routh) will be joined by notorious bad guys, Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Heatwave (Dominic Purcell), making up the team. They have been brought together by a desperate time traveler called Rip Hunter, who has seen a doomed future and needs help preventing it. I guess we’ll find out whether they are the best guys for the job in due time.

Filming doesn’t officially start until the summer, so most of the trailer is made up of re-used footage from previous episodes of The Flash and Arrow, along with some footage shot specially for the trailer. Check it out below.


I think DC have still given us quite a lot to think about on the long wait to 2016. In the meantime, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 most important things you can learn from the trailer.



1. Founders.

Oliver Queen and Barrie Allen were obviously going to cameo in their spinoff at some point, but the trailer has shown that they may be more important than we think. The first 50 seconds is ALL about the duo; a recap on how their superhero lives came into formation. It’s evident that they bring this band of Legends together. It also seems that they may join in a fight or two at times – The Flash is seen using his abilities to help the guys out in a battle.



2. Reincarnation.

“A girl with wings and a past lives complex.” It sounds like Ciara Renee’s Hawkgirl is staying true to the comics and will be a reincarnation of some sort in the series. In the DC universe, Kendra Saunders’s body is taken over by someone else’s soul, who in turn becomes Hawkgirl. Having a past lives complex implies that something similar will happen to her in this series. Hawkgirl is the team’s biggest mystery at the moment because she has not appeared in either Arrow or The Flash in the past.



3. Resurrection.

“A deceased assassin.” Is that the Lazarus Pit I see Sara Lance rising out of? Black Canary dies in the Arrow series, but it seems that somebody has brought Lance back from the dead; who was it and why? I’m really intrigued to find out who went to all that trouble to bring her back, and why Oliver Queen didn’t think of doing it sooner. It will be nice to have Caity Lotz back on screen, even if it is as the mysterious White Canary this time.



4. Where’s Heatwave?

“A pair of criminals.” Captain Cold is very present in this trailer, but there aren’t many shots of Heatwave. He doesn’t appear in the rooftop meeting at the beginning, and he isn’t in the specially shot fight scene. I don’t want to read to much into this, as it could just be that actor Dominic Purcell wasn’t available on such short notice to film the trailer, but then again, it could mean that Heatwave is an expendable character, and isn’t in the series very long. Rip Hunter does imply that not everyone makes it out alive. On a side note, I love seeing these two actors back together – Prison Break was such a good series, their chemistry has always been fantastic.



5. Firestorm.

“Half a hero, half combustible.” In comic lore, Firestorm is a composite of two people bonded together – the brain and the brawn if you like. In The Flash series, Martin Stein played the role of the brain, and Ronnie Raymond (played by Robbie Amell) provided the brawn. Amell isn’t present in the trailer at all, and has not been mentioned as an addition to the show, yet Firestorm still seems to make an appearance throughout the trailer, so this either means that Stein finds a way to become Firstorm by himself, or that he finds another partner. But who?



6. The Big Bad.

We finally have an antagonist for the show. It appears that the villain of this series is none other than Vandal Savage, a man who has been around thousands of years, is immortal, and has a powerful army – which is, I presume, what we keep seeing glimpses of throughout the trailer. Savage hasn’t currently been cast so it’ll be interesting to see who takes the role.



7. Doctor Who?

Looks like actor Arthur Darvill, who played companion Rory Williams in the Doctor Who series, is trading in the Tardis for his very own Time Machine. He’s playing Rip Hunter from East London – Oh, and the future. It’s awesome seeing Darvill back on screen, and in such a prominent role, too. I don’t want to say he’ll be the leader of the team, because I don’t think many of the characters will like the idea of being ‘led,’ but he definitely seems like the most important – he is taking the guys back to past after all.



8. Getting Tiny.

The most exciting part of the trailer for me is when we see Ray Palmer shrink down to size in true Atom style. We were led to believe that Palmer died in a huge explosion at the end of Arrow, but it’s very evident that he’s alive and kicking, and now we know how – he shrunk. I can’t wait to see how they incorporate this into the show, and what else his crazy suit can do.



9. Where is Franz?

Actor Franz Drameh had previously been confirmed as one of the leads cast in the series. All we know about him so far is that he will play a character called Jay Jackson, a street smart mechanic who unexpectedly gains powers. It’s not clear what his abilities are, and he doesn’t appear in the trailer at all, unless of course he’s the other half to Martin Stein’s Firestorm, but that’s just speculation.



10. Time Travel.

This trailer most definitely confirms that the team will be traveling through time, though I’m not certain how they will fit in those tiny time machines – unless of course they’re bigger on the inside. Get it, get it? – I was referencing Doctor Who damn it! Yes, I know I’m not funny.


via DC Comics

All featured images are screenshots from CW’s trailer