It’s that time of year – the pumpkins are ripe, the nights dark, and children everywhere are dressing up as all manner of beasties with the intent of robbing you of all your candy. Rejoice!

To celebrate, here are my top ten stickers for Halloween that you desperately need in your life.

Stickers are glorious, especially for us crafty, write-and-then-post-y types. So here’s a selection of the best Halloween stickers for you to celebrate the season with. Stick these on letters to pen-pals, cards, yourself – you could even give them out in lieu of candy to trick or treaters (warning: they could respond with eggs…).


Number one on my list is Evil Sloth because he is both adorable and filled with the powers of darkness.



Misskatz has created this beautiful, haunting witch sticker for our visual delight. She reminds me strongly of the alluring Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black fame.


This guy is straight outta Hell in all his oozy, purple glory. Fun fact: there are 1,100 species of bats, three of which are “vampire bats” – bats that drink the blood of animals. Me thinks this guy is not one of the vegetarian variety…


No Halloween could ever be complete without a Mean Girls reference. The movie comments that Halloween for high school girls often signals the one day of the year when they can dress ‘slutty’ without judgement – often incorporating animal elements such as cat or bunny ears. Karen went with mouse. What a sweetie.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is, in essence, Halloween on speed. And glitter. Dr Frank N Furter is a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania…and his outfits are to die for.


Black cat sticker by angrymonk on redbubble

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Creepy black cat is creepy. Black cats have long been associated with witchcraft and the supernatural. It was thought that witches chose them as their familiars and various folk traditions consider them to bring either good or bad luck. It was thought to be unwise to speak near them, as they might steal your secrets…


Adorable cartoon vampires are a must this October. Marceline from Adventure Time comes from a long tradition of adorkable vamps and monsters, including my childhood favourite Mona the Vampire.


Pugs. They’re just so puglie! Vampire pug and his buddies all want to be your BFF this Halloween. Especially ghost pug. He just wants love.


Whatever you are up to this All Hallows Eve, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of need for this sticker. Be a Halloween Queen!


Last, but certainly not least, your official commemorative sticker for Halloween 2015! Drink, be merry, and gorge yourself sick on pumpkin everything. You can enjoy it but once a year (according to advertising).

Quaff those Pumpkin Spice Lattes, gobble the toffee apples and dress to fright. And also buy stickers, because everyone knows that stationery makes the world a better place.

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