For new Geek Gals and Guys, welcome! As you may or may not know I do a monthly post exploring unusual holidays and festivals from all around the world! And to ease back into the routine, I’ve picked a few fun U.S. holidays that you can celebrate as you welcome September and the start of fall. So here we go:

National Cheese Pizza Day

Today, September 5th is Cheese Pizza Day! Now to be perfectly honest there is some disparities regarding whether it’s really a “national” holiday. But even though it may have not have been established as a national holiday, people celebrate like it is! And why shouldn’t they? It’s about time that Cheese Pizza made a come back. Cheese pizza used to rule until someone had the bright idea to add more toppings. And then it was just downhill from there for this classic. Well now is your time, cheesy deliciousness. Today is your day and you own it harder than the A button during a Smash Bros. tournament! Cheers to you, Cheese Pizza.

Be Late for Something Day

Considering that it’s 9:30pm and I’m only now getting this blog post done, I think I’m celebrating it perfectly! There are various ideas and stories behind this holiday. One is that it was started by one of the many clubs and groups of procrastinators (yes these are real). They were probably planning this for a while but just took forever getting around to it. Welcome all of my adult life! Another thought behind the creation of this day is that as a society we are constantly rushing around in a paranoid haze, riddled with anxiety over trying to squeeze in every meeting, appointment, outing, slice of cheese pizza that we can before bed. Be Late for Something Day is suppose to be a reminder for us to take a step back, breath and realize that the world keeps on spinning and things can still function without you.

National Courtesy Month

I wanted to end with this one because I think it’s easy to forget our manners and a reminder never hurts. Life gets crazy for all us. We have partners that we swear drive us nuts on purpose. Pets and kids that need our constant attention. Rabid honey badgers that won’t stop singing that stupid song and who don’t give a crap.

Everyone has their days. And that’s legitimate. But if we’re all walking around with this negative energy, we’re just passing it on to others and they are passing it back to us. It doesn’t take much time or energy to show a little courtesy to someone but the effect it will have on you is huge. This month try to really focus on being polite, even if you’re having a horrible day. If you’re stuck in traffic, let that person waiting to merge in. You’re not getting to your destination any faster by not letting them in. And you’ve probably just taken away some of their anxiety that morning. Be a little extra nice to your server at a restaurant. When they are refilling your water glass, hand it to them instead of making them reach across the table for it. They work really hard and I’m certain deal with rude and unpleasant customers on a regular basis. The smallest gesture can really turn around the entire day for someone else.

Well that’s it for this month’s Around the World. Go out and make the world a little more polite and little nicer. Stay awesome!

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