It’s November! Yay! Almost winter! If I didn’t live in the south, I would actually get winter at the moment. But, this November is going to be extra awesome for the geek world – Thor 2: Dark World came out last week (the inspiration behind this week’s nails) and then the Doctor Who, Hunger Games, and Sherlock weekend that will just kick us all in the feels is nearly upon us. So, to keep your geeky hearts all beating, let’s get out a pile of nail polish and accomplish stuff!

Total Time: Thor and a strange conversation with my roommates.

Colours Used:

OPI Blue my Mind – royal blue

OPI Alpine Snow – white

OPI Fly – teal-ish blue

OPI I Don’t Give A Rotterdam! – sparkly silver

OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It – red

OPI Green-wich Village – green

OPI Pamplona Purple – purple

OPI Black Onyx – black

OPI Candlelight – yellow

OPI Decades of Shades – brown


Step 1:

This one was probably the most unique manicure i’ve ever given to myself, so it was a learning experience for me as well. Why was it so unique? Because it required something different on every single finger. So I’m going to try to describe this as best as I can, but for the most part, it’s straightforward. The bases for each of the avengers are as follow – purple for Hawkeye, royal blue for Cap, green for Hulk, and then for Iron Man and Thor, I had to make my own colours because I didn’t have a deep enough red or a flesh colour. I just use an index card and drip three drops of red and then one of black to make the right red and then four or so drops of white and one of brown for the fleshy colour.
For the rest, I’m going to do it on an Avenger by Avenger basis:


Bruce is the big green guy on this, he is also probably the easiest one to do. Using a toothpick or a nail art pen, give him some shaggy hair and then some eyes. I just did dots with angry eyebrows coming off of them. They don’t need to be too big, his face is rather small when he’s Hulked. For his mouth, outline it in black for the best results, but give him a nice ‘grr’ face. When you’re satisfied, fill it in with white for his beautiful teeth and run a line of black through the middle (when it’s dry) for the two rows of teeth.

For his body, use the same finger on your other hand and paint the lower third with purple for his shorts. I realised after I had finished that I should have run a line of black over the top edge of the purple to clean it up a bit, but that’s all part of learning, right? Using a toothpick or a nail art pen, give him abs. Just run a line down the middle of your nail, but leave a bit of a gap between the end of it and the shorts. Then like a reverse christmas tree, do horizontal lines for the individual abs.

Iron Man: 

As I said earlier, I had to make my own red for this, but if you have a nice, deep red, that will work perfectly. Otherwise, it isn’t hard to ‘franken’ some colours. An index card is the best thing I can find to do so. But, okay, when the red is dry, he is actually very simpe. In the middle of the nail, using yellow, make his mask. I kind of made an ‘m’ in the middle of the nail and then ran the lines almost all the way down to form a flat base before filling it in. Either while that is drying or after it is dry, on the equal finger on your other hand, give him the arc reactor. I used my teal-ish blue, because it resembled what the actual light looks like, but white would work as well. When the yellow mask is completely dry, go back and do two triangles for the eyes and a frown towards the bottom.



Good ol’ Captain America. This one is a little more complex because it requires a lot. First, use the flesh colour that you made for Thor’s face, or remake the mixture because it’s probably dry by now, and do a ‘V’. That is his face, yes. I made mine a bit too big, and the next time I do this, I will make it a bit shallower. Next, give him two white eyes that are just dots, and his ‘A’ on his forehead. That was the hardest part for me, but if you use a toothpick, it will probably be easier than how I did it. The last detail will be to outline the ‘V’ with black to just clean it up a bit.

For his body, this is the fun part. The bottom half of the nail shall be painted white and then do red stripes. This is most easily done with whatever you are using for details. You can do big, bold stripes or little, narrow stripes. Whatever floats your boat. The hard part on this is his star. I did it with my not-dominant hand, and I seriously considered going and finding my roommate to help me out, but it did work. Keep a steady hand and draw a star with white and then fill it in.


My favourite Avenger. For the head, the nail should be painted your fleshy tone as the base. On the top third of the nail, paint it silver or grey. I decided that I wasn’t finished when I did that, so I gave him some yellow hair as well, just a little of it peeking out from under the helmet and then did accents on the helmet: one black line running along the edge, one a little higher than that, and then a vertical line running down the middle. Step 2, give him eyes. HIs head is really simple, but it looks very sleek. His body, on the other hand. . . Well. . . yeah. Paint his body the same silver or grey from the helmet. Using a toothpick or a dotting tool, do four white or black dots for his breastplate in the upper portion of your nail, and paint the lower part yellow or gold. It looks good without the yellow, but that is completely personal preference.

In the end, I went back and gave him a cape using red. I just ran the red down the sides of my nails, it was a bit of a mess actually, but the end result was worth it.



Sweet Hawkeye. . . he got to be purple for this. Both nails should be painted a dark purple for this, and I’m going to start with the body for this step. Once the purple is dry, just use black and give him thick, vertical stripes. I fit about three onto my nail. Okay, now while you have the black, on the head, do an upside down triangle at the base of your nail. This is for his mask. I used a nail art pen for this and it was very handy because I made an outline of an ‘H’ and then filled in the outside edge with the black, leaving the ‘H’ all purple. His  mask comes down about halfway down his face, so using your flesh colour, give him that nice jawline. Almost like you’re doing french tips, only a bit thicker, actually. To finish him off, give him some white eyes peering out of his mask and you’re done!


Wait for them to dry and then topcoat them because your friends are all going to be impressed over these. A bit of advice, if you’re as pale as I am, the purple will stain your fingers if you get it on your skin. After my first tutorial, I realised how awful the pictures were and I took extra care to clean up where I would get it on my skin, but the purple will be there for another few days on me. . . so that’s my advice. Let me know if you try anything different if/when you give this a shot! I love to see. As always, send me suggestions as to what you want to see in December!