Hey there, Iggles. Sorry I disappeared for a while. But I’m back, and just in time for summer, and should be back with my monthly tutorials! So, for today’s tutorial, I figured I would do something light and summery that is perfect to welcome in the bright sunshiny days – SUNFLOWERS!


The benefit of these nails is that if you’re one of those people who only wears fake nails, these work perfectly with those, too. But, let’s get down to business!

Total Time: 2 episodes of House – including drying time.


sunflowers step 1Fun refresher, always base coat. Okay, for this, all of the nails will be done with french tips. I really, really love doing french tips, just fyi. They’re fun. So, I did mine in white and freehand, but if you feel like you don’t have a steady hand, tape works fantastically, I’ve also heard that a rubber band stretched across it will work, though I’ve never tried it. I just go along the white tip of my nail and use it as a guide. Yeah, I kind of cheat. But it works.



step 2 - thumbWait for the tips to COMPLETELY dry. If you want to do all of your nails with pretty sunflowers, then just keep waiting, but if you only want a few nails with the flowers, then top coat the ones that you want to stay simple and let those dry as well. Now, once they’re dry, you get to move onto the flowers 😀 For Christmas, I got these really cool striping nail polishes, so that was what I used, but a toothpick will work just fine, or a small paintbrush. For the crisp edges, I’d say toothpick. Pick a spot and just draw out the petals. Tall, narrow triangles that curve slowly around. Once the edges are done, fill in the rest of the flower with the yellow.



step 3Let the yellow dry and then time to move onto the black centre of the flower. You can use a sharpie, or paint, but paint always works best. Do 1/4th of a circle, with the other 3/4ths are off in the air. Keep it a little ways away from the inner points of the triangle, there will be stuff in between there. If you look at it and think it still looks too small, then add a little bit until it seems right.


STEP 4: 

step 4

See, this is before the orange border. It looks weird.

For this step, a toothpick worked amazingly. The warm centre of the flower. Using orange, go along the edge of the black and give it a thin border. Originally, I didn’t have this and it just looked strange. Going off of that border, give it little rays, just like you used to when you would draw a sun when you were little. They don’t all have to be the same length, or going straight. I did little forks on some of them, alternated heights on others. Mix it up.


STEP 5: 

Once the black is dry, go through and give it white speckles. They don’t need to be in any sort of pattern, just a few scattered seeds. Now, wait for it all to dry and topcoat those beauties.

step 5 final




As always, let me know what y’all think and show me your results! Next month’s theme – How To Train Your Dragon. Because, yes. See y’all next month!

And in honour of it being Mother’s Day, I thought y’all would be amused at this picture, circa 1996? I think my outlook on having my nails being painted has changed a bit.

painting nails