You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen. . . But do you recallllll, the most famous reindeer of all? Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer had a very shiny nose. . . 

Happy Holidays! I absolutely love this season; all of the lights, the music, the general holiday cheer. . . it’s so much fun. The downside is this – finals. I know for me, finals are dragging my time away from me, and when they aren’t, I don’t really know what day it is. Which is why this is being posted a day late. . . I didn’t realise it was Sunday until I was setting my alarm clock. . . for Monday. Oops.


But, the fun relief of finals is getting to do goofy things like paint reindeer on your fingers!


Colours used;

OPI Black Onyx – black

OPI Decades of Shades – brown

OPI Alpine Snow – white

OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It – red

OPI This Gown Needs A Crown – silver

Total Time – less than an hour.


For this design, the bulk of your nail will be blank. I chose to just paint mine with a base coat-slash-nail strengthener, but I toyed with the idea of painting the base silver or white to just brighten it up a bit. It’s all personal preference on this one. But the real step one is the reindeer heads. This is an easy little task, made easier if you have longer nails, but definitely possible no matter what! Using a lighter brown – I had to make my own because I couldn’t come up with a light brown – and draw little arcs on the top edge of your nail. I made mine a little on the rectangular side at first before deciding to round them off instead. If you have a steady hand, this is not impossible to do with the brush on the nail polish bottle. If not, then just a fine paint brush works too. These go up about ⅓ of the nail. Once you have the basic half-circles, using a toothpick or that fine brush, draw little ears. Reindeer have rather pointy ears, so mine kind of turned out like cat ears.



The antlers! On two of my nails, I did this with my nail art brush before tossing it aside after royally messing up and just using a toothpick – it works better. But, okay, using a darker brown, draw out the little antlers from out in between the ears. Just two little lines going up with branches coming off of them is about as detailed as they need to be. If you feel like being an overachiever, then have at it and give them detailed antlers, but these look pretty cute as is.



The noses are the fun part. There are eight normal reindeer and then Rudolph, so for Rudolph, I made my own colour, mixing my silver with red to give it a bit of sparkle since that is the whole thing about Rudolph. It’s subtle, but it works. On the others, just plain black is all that you need. Using a toothpick, pen, or dotter tool, just give them little noses at the edge of the nail. Little half circles at the very edge of the nail is it.



My favourite part on any fun little manicure like this is the eyes. You can give anyone a personality through just how you do the eyes. Using my dotter tool, I laid down white circles for the outside edge of the eyes and then went back with a toothpick and black to do the pupils. These are the fun part, you can have them be cross-eyed, looking up, looking down, looking at someone else. . . I love them. Go wild, have them doing all sorts of silly reindeer games.


SANTA! Okay, so there are nine reindeer, but what do you do with that pesky tenth finger? Why, give them the jolly old elf himself! For this nail, I divided it into thirds, you can run a slim piece of tape across the middle of your nail if you want, or you can freehand it if you have a really steady hand. For the top third, up against your finger, paint it red. The bottom third gets painted white. That flesh-coloured third in the middle where your normal nail shows through is his face!



Using a toothpick, run white along the edge like a frame, and then do fluffy dots along the edge of red. While you have the white out, give the old elf some eyes, yes it will look creepy for a moment whilst it dries. Also, add a little cotton ball of white to his hat, either off centre or dead-centre, it’s your call. When it’s dry, then go back and add black dots for the pupils, and also one red dot at the edge of the white in the middle of the nail – his red little nose.


Lastly, top coat them and smile! It’s the holiday season, after all! I told you it was a simple design! But it looks so adorable. But, now that you’ve had an hour-long study break, back to the books with you! Good luck on all of your finals, safe travels if you go anywhere, and have a happy holiday!


Tweet me (@zonaxrawr) your finished nails so I can see, along with any suggestions for January!

– Chandler<3