Two things I’ve learned over the last week: 1.) if you take care of your nails, when they bend completely backwards, they somehow won’t break. And 2.) there is no such thing as too much glow-in-the-dark paint. So, on that cheerful note, this month’s theme is patchwork! 

Total time: 1 episode of Greek – yay quick and easy.

Colours used; 

OPI Black Onyx – black

OPI In My Back Pocket – orange

OPI Greenwich Village – green

OPI  Do You Have this Color in Stock-holm? – purple


Step 1:

Paint your nails white. I’m sure this will step1sound redundant, but it does make the orange a bit more vivid. Most oranges aren’t very thick, so it is fairly transparent. This little trick saves you a lot of layers. But, after that, you get to paint them orange, so that’s fun!


Step 2: 

Once your orange nails are dry and looking awesome, you get to have fun. Using white again, make random geometric shapes, they can be overlapping or not, but have them taking up the bulk of your  nails. Try sticking with only two, though, more than that and it starts to look a bit cluttered (trust me).


Step 3:

step2This is the hard part – if you have a steady hand, you can use the brush on yournail polish to fill in these white shapes. Otherwise, use a smaller brush. Fill in your white shapes with your purple and green (yay halloween!), and let them dry.


Step 4: 

This is the fun part, you can use a sharpie for this if you don’t have a smaller brush, but what you’ll be doing is outlining your shapes in black. Make these step3lines as straight as possible. Also with the black, make very thin, short lines across the borders, like thread. I also found on this that it doesn’t work particularly well to use a toothpick to do this, despite previous recommendations. Just use that sharpie to its full power! And then let it dry because that stuff is a mess when it smears.


Step 5: (optional)

Use glow in the dark top-coat for extra halloween goodness. Otherwise, just use normal topcoat and enjoy!


However, I have a question for all of you awesome iggles! What types of nail tutorials do y’all want? Cute and subtle nail art? Or more things like minions and Avengers? After all, I do this for y’all! Let me know and have a fantastic October!