Hey there! So, the much awaited sequel of HTTYD finally made it to the silver screen. I went to the pre-screening that was held in my town on Thursday night, and I can’t say I was disappointed. But, for months, I’ve been waiting to do this manicure and I’m so proud of how well it turned out!

Total Time: 2 episodes of White Collar.

Colours used:

OPI Alpine Snow – White

OPI Black Onyx – Black

OPI Green-wich Village – Green

OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok! Fine! – Grey (It would be so fun to get to name nail polishes. . . )

OPI Euroso Euro – Blue

Step 1:

step 1I painted three of my nails the deep blue – index, middle, and pinkie – and the remaining two white. But, if you want to change them up, far be it from me to stop you! When my ring finger that I painted white was dry, I diagonally went along with the same blue. If the diagonal isn’t perfect, don’t worry, you’re not going to see the top edge anyway. The top of the diagonal should start a little above the middle of your nail and it should end a bit below the middle. Think of the bottom as a fairly thick french nail tip.


Step 2:

step 2Using a thin paint brush or a nail art pen, or if you have a very steady hand and feel confident, draw a thin line over the edge of the blue on your ring finger. This should cover the rough edges and give it a firm stop. It is the belt for the kilt.



Step 3: 

step 3Make sure the paint is dry before you start this step. Now, this is the kind of hard part. I used a nail art pen for this, but a toothpick or fine brush will work as well. You will draw thin white lines on the blue. These lines don’t have to be the same on each nail. Think of it as a tick-tack-toe board missing pieces. One finger might have one line running vertically and two lines going horizontally, others might be reversed. You can decide. But I’d say a good max is about four lines, and three is an even better number. While you’ve got whatever tool you’ve got out, add four little white dots to the belt of black on your ring finger.


Step 4: 

step 4Okay, it was about at this step that I started wishing I had used a lighter colour. Oh well. It still works. You will take the same tool you used for the white and do black lines. Trace the white lines along the edges, framing them. Where your lines intersect, let them intersect so you have little white squares where the lines cross. But also, add a random black line running parallel to one of the white lines. You will also add tiny black dots inside of the white dots you added in step three.


Step 5: 

step 6Let all of your other nails dry before you start this. The odds of you hitting one is fairly high. (Fun tip: if you bump a nail while it’s still sticky wet, not completely fresh, lick your finger and very lightly brush it over the bump. It will smooth it out.)  Your thumb is looking pretty lonely over there. I left this one blank for our special guest – Toothless! I’m seriously no artist. I cannot draw, but my toothless turned out adorable. On your thumb, taking up a little less than half of the nail, draw a curve using black. If you pull up a good reference picture online, you can get how steep, or in this case not steep, the curve needs to be. Using a thin paintbrush, give Toothless his ears. Rarely are they both pointing straight up, so bend one or have it sticking off at a funny angle, but just very simple tall ovals, essentially. These can go all the way to the base of the nail if you want. In between those ears, add two little ‘feathers’. Toothless’ spines are visible (and play a really cool role in the movie). I had a bit of room left on one side of Toothless’ head, so I added two more spines because he has a few on his neck and behind his ears.

Step 6:

This step has an optional precursor. Toothless isn’t just solid black. You can see his scales. I did this by taking a makeup sponge and using a very dark grey and just spongeing it on over the black. You can hardly see it unless you know it’s there, but it adds some depth.  However, the real step six, is the eyes. Toothless has bright green eyes full of amusement and curiosity. Using a dotting tool or a toothpick, draw almost cat-like eyes. sharper corners on the outsides than on the inside, and a flatish bottom. The pupils are just round black dots that aren’t just in the middle of the iris, They run along one of the edges, so let it overlap.


There is no other dragon I would rather have looking up at me for the next week. And it’s a fairly subtle and classy manicure without Toothless in case you want a kilt-ish set of nails, and it’s possible with any base colour you feel like doing! 

On my other thumb, I have the black sheep that wins their game of dragon racing, which if y’all want me to, I can let you know how I did that one:


Source: itsartmag.com

I totally want to see and hear what you guys think! If you try it, tweet me a picture @zonaxrawr! Or give me suggestions as to what y’all want to see next time! In the meantime, go see How To Train Your Dragon 2. It’s fantastic and heartwarming and a whole bunch of other adjectives that are used in the excellent movie review that was posted a few days ago.


Until next time,

– Chandler<3