Happy October, folks! This is definitely my favourite time of the year for so many reasons. 1.) rain. I’ve seriously spent all day listening to it. 2.) fun halloween nails!

I was thinking as I worked on this that my nail art love didn’t begin last year, but rather, when I was little, my parents would paint jack-o-lanterns on my nails. However, for this, I’ve chosen to do Frankenstein.

The fun thing about this design is that it’s pretty simple to do, but it looks remarkably more dynamic than it is. But let’s get down to it!

Total time: 14 songs on iTunes.

Colours used; 

  • OPI Green-wich Village – green
  • OPI Black Onyx – black
  • China Glaze Ghoulish Glow – my new favourite thing ever.
  • OPI Alpine Snow – white
  • Seche Vite top coat

Tools used; 

  • A dotter tool (a toothpick)
  • An index card.



Step 1: 

So, for this, I have an accent nail. That’s where Frankenstein will ultimately be. The pre-step one should always be base coat, it keeps you from getting your pretty nails all stained and usually strengthens them. I use nail envy from OPI, it makes them strong and healthy. But, okay, step 1 is paint whichever finger you want to be the accent nail all green. I painted the rest of them with Ghoulish Glow because I’ve become hopelessly addicted to it. It is BRIGHT and full of amazing.



Step 2:

In my last blog, I mentioned tape. This is one of those instances where tape is amazing, you just have to make sure your base coat is completely dry first and then let it dry a little more. I ran the tape along the middle of my nail, from one edge to the other diagonally. Don’t worry if you mess up the edge just a little bit or if it sneaks under the tape, step three will fix it. The colour that I used was Green-wich village, it’s from one of the collections from 2008, but it’s a nice smoky green, and I learned after I had already done this that I should have probably put white under it to thicken it, because I had to use a few coats.



Step 3: 

Once that is dry, here is where more specific tools will come into play. I use my special dotter tool, but a toothpick will work just the same. On an index card or something of the sort, drip a few drops of black paint so you can dip into them. You can also use a Sharpie or a nail art pen, but this way is thicker and more visible. Draw a line along the edge of the green all the way across your nail. Just a quick reminder, this is on the four nails not the accent nail.



Step 4: 

This could also be more like step 3.5, but oh well. Frankenstein (or more officially, Frankenstein’s monster) was sewn together. So, obviously, step four is to sew him together. This is just a few little hash marks from the clear to the green, like you’re stitching the two colours together. This is done with the same tool as the other line, by the way.


Step 5: 

It’s (almost) alive! To the accent nail we go! Be very careful of your other nails while you’re doing this nail. In fact, this nail can be done first or it can be done last, what ever is easiest for you. With your little tool, give him hair. I did this in the crescent of my nail down at the nail bed (the base of your nail.) This is the fun part, Frankenstein has jagged hair. The way I did it was like when I was a kid trying to be artsy and drawing landscapes (and let’s be honest, the way I still do it), I drew mountains. Jagged, different-sized mountains. Fill them in with your pointy tool and there’s his hair. While you have your puddle of black on an index card, draw his mouth. Smiling, frowning, whatever you want his expression to be. For effect, sew it shut. You don’t have to, but it does make it more frightening and connected. (I also think it makes him look more like Billy from Hocus Pocus, they could be almost twins! Now go watch that movie.)

Step 6: 

For the eyes, I just used two little pricks of white and then once that was dry, I gave him black pupils. Easy peasy.

Step 7: 

Let it dry for a few minutes and then top coat those suckers. This is one monster that isn’t going to fall apart! Now, step back, admire your awesome monster, and wow your friends with your skill. Also, I would post a picture of it glowing, but I can’t get my camera to see it. . . so. . . yeah.


Tweet me your versions, I’d love to see them – @zonaxrawr . Also, send me what y’all want to see next! I’m thinking Avengers next month, what say you? Have a happy Halloween!

* – – chandler.