Greetings, howdy, hello! I’m Chandler and I get the joy of helping y’all learn the magical world of nail art. Honestly, nail art started out for me as a way to avoid studying for finals last spring when i was fairly sure that I was going to fail one of them. I would find a picture on pinterest or on the interwebs and figure out a way that me and my lack of artistic ability could recreate it. even then, I’d always loved looking at nail blogs. there was one little problem that I found with a lot of them – you had to know what you were doing before any of them made sense.

So, that is what I hope to remedy with this and my geeky love through a few simple goals;

  • household tools for the most part – I’m a college student. I have a limited number of stuff.
  • simple instructions.
  • fun designs that are create-able on any skill level.

This month’s theme: DESPICABLE ME MINIONS! – total time: 2 episodes of burn notice (including drying time.)

I love minions. It’s true. Midnight premier and everything; and this design always gets a grin out of people.

Since this is my first post, it’s going to be a little longer than usual because I’m also going to try to introduce you to some of the tools that I use to do this and other nailtastic things.

Okay, this looks weird, I know, but. . . . things like a nail file are simply good for your nails. the nail pen was something I found under my bed while i was packing for college this summer, and the dotter tool is my newest little toy.

I know I said that I would say household items, so here’s the gist. you can use a toothpick in place of a paint brush and dotting tool. seriously, it works. It’s just good for details. This manicure won’t use it much.

but, now that you know the fun tools, let us begin!

 the colours that i’m using: 

OPI alpine snow – white

OPI black onyx – black.

OPI suzy says feng shui – light blue

OPI candlelight – yellow



Paint ’em white. the problem with yellow nail polishes is that they’re very thin. The first time I did this, I just thought “oh, i can just do a few coats.” WRONGO GOOD CHAP. They was so thick, my nails were legitimately clumsy. So, I’ve found that by painting them white, you have a very vivid colour. they don’t need to be perfect, but i’m kind of ocd and like mine to be even though no one will ever see that layer.


Now paint ’em yellow. you should only need one or two coats, depending on your polish. Just until you have the white covered, the yellow is smooth, and it looks the way you want it to.


LET IT DRY, YO. You will need it to be as dry as possible before you start the next steps. about thirty minutes depending on your climate.


Okay, this next step can be done one of two ways. If you have a steady hand, then you can probably freehand it. I do, but I’ve had a lot of practice and I have very long nails. You’re going to essentially begiving yourself french tips. If you don’t trust your hand, then let me introduce you to your new best friend – scotch tape, mmhm, the stuff that is probably sitting on your desk in that nice, sand-filled dispenser that you probably learned was filled with sand when you dropped it or tried to use it as a hammer. Just have a few strips and place them on the ends of your nails. The thickness will vary depending on how long your nails are (note picture). Save the tape, it will come into play in the next step if you used it. this is your minion’s overalls. Think about a minion, they have very long heads and very short bodies. The overalls don’t need to be very big. One or so coats will make it be blue rather than a strange green, and then let it dry.






The goggles are probably both the hardest part and the most fun. The hard part is that you need a slim, straight black line going across your nail. Think of the nail in thirds, this will be the dividing line between the top two thirds (near your knuckle, not the other end). One thing that I learned was that if you don’t have any good objects, a black fine-point sharpie will work just fine. the line doesn’t have to be too

thin, so maybe two lines from the sharpie will be good enough. If you want to use nail polish, I’d recommend a tooth pick, or a nail art pen or a fine brush. While you’ve got your black out, give the minion his buttons on his overalls. Two little black dots, simple as that.




The eyes are where your minions will acquire personalities. one eye, two eyes, whatever works for you. My recommendation is – and I did this both ways simply to do this tutorial – a base of grey or a base of white. either way, you’ll be filling in the other colour. I managed to make it to school without silver nail polish, so i just mixed black and white on an index card, a few drops of each. If you do a grey base, you’ll be filling it in with white; if you do a white base, you’ll be outlining it in grey. it’s whatever you feel more comfortable with.



M’kay, you’re almost done! do they look like minions yet? The mouths are all that are left. you can do simple smiling faces, an easy little line, or you can get detailed and actually do mouths, teeth, and tongues. I started out just doing smilies, but I’ve since practiced and can now do teeth and a tongue just to make people laugh. While you’ve got the black out, give your minions some pupils. as you can see, I make the pupils kind of match the mouths, but you don’t have to. If you decided to do teeth, then take a toothpick or whatever your detail tool is and just put white squares along the top edge. They don’t have to be perfect. and if you really want to add more detail, you can give them their three or four little hairs on the top of their heads. I did it last time and I didn’t really like it, but you never know. 


Top coat those sexy nails and be proud! If you don’t use topcoat, they’ll start to chip pretty quickly. I use seche vite because it dries tremendously fast and keeps the nails perfect for almost a week, and I can say that with utmost confidence because I’m very hard on my nails. I work on cars and trip a lot.

Show me how it turns out! I’d love to see! and also, give me suggestions for what you want to see in the future! Hope you’ve enjoyed my very first (ever) nail art tutorial.

until next time,

* – – chandler.