Happy New Year, Iggles! I don’t know about y’all, but i’ve spent the last few days exploring our beautiful new site! So, while you’re all searching for new achievements and exploring, how about a nice, fun new manicure to start the year off geeky? The theme for the month? COMIC BOOKS! 

final 2

Total Time: one listen to the new Fall Out Boy album.

Colours used; 

OPI Alpine Snow – white
OPI Black Onyx – black
OPI LA Paz-Itively Hot – pink
OPI Fly – neon blue (kinda’)
ORLY Purple Crush – neon purple
ORLY Glowstick – neon yellow
ORLY Melt Your Popsicle – neon orange

Step One:
Okay, so you know how with GoogleMaps, we all really wish it would start at step five because we all know how to get out of our own neighbourhood? Well, I’m kind of starting at step. . . 3? For this manicure, I used bright neon colours, and in order to do that, you need to paint your nails white so that you don’t have these big globs of paint all over the place. So, go ahead, go off and do your base coat, your layer or two of white, and then with five different colours (one for each nail), paint over the white. Go on, I can wait. step 1

Okay, so now you have bright nails that can probably be seen from space (mine are usually black or other dark colours). They look beautiful. Now, I used a nail art pen, but you can use whatever works best with you – toothpick, paint brush, etc. Do the dramatic bubbles with the spikes coming off of them. The picture, I’m sure, makes a whole lot more sense than that description. Random it up, have some be big, some small, you get the picture, and change up where on the nail they are. These should be done in white, these are the exclamation bubbles from comic books.

Step Two:
step 2Next, and I suppose this step is optional, do dots. In the same fashion of bricks, the rows will not line up but will alternate. Do these all across your nail so that they are even. Don’t worry if they go over your bubbles, that just gives you more steady dotting. You can use a toothpick, small dotting tool, or a nail art pen for this. Or a white sharpie – do they even make white sharpies?

Step Three:

step 3Using black, a Sharpie will work just fine for this step, outline your bubbles. You can alternate thickness to add depth, or you can stick exactly to the edge, your call. Now, you’re probably looking at the bubble and seeing how cracked or light it might be, I know mine didn’t look the best at first. So go over it again with a layer of white, avoiding the black line, but you’ll add another layer to it anyway. In the wider areas, you might be able to just use the brush on the nail polish to fill it in a bit. There, does it look better now?

Step Four:

step 4Now is the fun part! Using your black sharpie or your nail art pen or toothpick, come up with all of those comic book exclamations – boom, pow, bang, splat, kapow, smack, etc. In your text bubbles, write these in capital letters. Maybe do one of punctuation on one of your nails just to spice things up.

Step Five:

Go back and make sure it looks up to snuff with you and if it does, then let it dry for a minute before doing topcoat, especially if you’re using sharpies. Sharpies really tend to smear if you don’t let them dry long enough. If you’re nervous about this either way, then a trick is don’t wipe the top coat off before you put it on, that way you have a big bubble of it, and then just don’t go all the way down to the nail when you brush.

final 1

Ta-da! Don’t those look so fun and geektastic? They’re fun, they’re easy, and they look very dynamic! So, hope you like them, and tweet me pictures (@zonaxrawr), I really do love to see them! Also, any ideas for what y’all want next month?

Until then,

– Chandler<3