Hey True Believers,

Keeping in with the current theme of Super Villains and with the lead up to London Comic Con this weekend, the team at Morphsuits.co.uk have debated and calculated, waged a Civil War and come out the other side of the Siege Perilous with a ranking system to settle once and for all, “Who is the Deadliest Marvel Character?”

Now as a Marvel fanboy myself, there are a few on here that I question, but wouldn’t remove, for instance, Mister Sinister – he was apart of project called Black Womb; a Government funded project that tested on Mutant youth, as implied by Beast’s trip to the abandoned lab where hundreds are killed (a reference to Concentration Camps in WWII), but this seems to have been ignored or simply counted as a single kill.

Anyway – here’s the list featured in the image below, and there are a couple of mentionable kills, I would love to go over;

Murderers-of-Marvel-InfographicFirst up is the Human Torch and the death of Mr. Immortal;

Sorry Morphsuits, but you technically got this wrong as the Human Torch to kill Craig Hollis. Whilst we know Johnny Storm to be the fire wielding hot-headed superhero by the name of Human Torch, it was actually Jim Hammond who burnt Mr. Immortal to death (in his one but many death’s across the years of his run) and this was from West Coast Avengers (Vol 1, Issue 64). Also, as implied, Mr. Immortal always comes back to life, so I don’t think this is a good character to use for deciding Marvel’s Deadliest Killer.

The next one is the death of Charles Xavier;

Cyclops can’t really be blamed here, in fact, if they are including this, Jean Grey should be in the Lethal Section for killing 5 Billion people under the influence of the Dark Phoenix. Anyway, Xavier’s death comes about due to the Avengers vs X-Men battle when the Phoenix Force (now free of a host with Jean Grey still in the centre of creation, The White Hot Room) returns to Earth to presumably claim Hope Summers as the newest Phoenix Host. The Avengers interfere (like always) and it all goes south for Iron Man and Captain America when Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Magik and Namor are made hosts of the broken cosmic being and become the Phoenix Five. They fix up the world, become the ultimate heroes and give everyone the peace on Earth they’ve been fighting for. It all comes to a head once Cyclops realises the Avengers will never let peace happen unless it is on their terms and Xavier joins the fray. He tries to telepathically shut down Cyclops’ mind whilst the Avengers bind his body in the hopes of subduing him – so Scott telekinetically breaks Xavier’s neck (I was excited for like 6 months, it was just so awesome). Sure enough, Scott became all super regretful and felt guilty for being the one to actually kill Charles, but he places the blame rightfully on the Avengers for being the cause.

Martial Discord – Namor kills Marrina;

I’m pretty sure Marrina as Leviathan is how most men see their wives when she is ready to hound him for doing something serially dumb (usually well deserved guys) but I know it’s how I behave when someone writes over my save file for any of my Pokemon games without asking me first! Namor is thought to already have killed Marrina using the Black Knight’s Ebony Blade when she attacked the Avengers before/during pregnancy but it turns out she was sleeping a false death – and then Norman Osborn got hold of her. In Dark Siege, after Namor and the Dark X-Men defect back to Utopia, Marrina has her DNA spliced to be stuck in her Leviathan form and have a never-ending hunger for Atlantean blood. This results in her attacking Utopia and New Atlantis, leaving the X-Men to weaken her and Namor to provide a mercy killing of Marrina beneath the waves before dumping her carcass in Osborn’s office.


[image courtesy of comicbookresources.com]

My final comment on a specific death is with Wolverine and his stabbing of Jean Grey – seven times;

I was sure he just high-fived her to the face with his claws, but apparently not quite. He has stabbed her on 2 separate occasions, the first being on Asteroid M in order to prevent her dying a slow and “painful” death. This causes the Phoenix Force to awaken, she saves them both and then is given a planetary sized stroke by Magneto, causing her to die again. He then encounters Jean when she is resurrected early and becomes an incomplete version of herself, so she has him stab her 6 times in rapid succession to try and collect the remain pieces of her from The White Hot Room. (This doesn’t work by the way) and she eventually just sacrifices herself and it becomes her final death.

But he is definitely the most murderous Marvel Character, I do feel there are some additional deaths that have gone a miss between Wolverine, Deadpool and Punisher, most would be of innocent grunts or bystanders. I mean really – there is a comic series called “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” he should be hands-down number 1! But facts are facts, as death is a death in the Marvel Universe, unless you are Jean Grey, Psylocke, Wolverine or Mr. Immortal.

Oooooh – and can I just mention that Goliath should be added to Iron Man’s kill list since during Civil War he helps engineer the Thor Clone that actually strikes him down!!

I think if I was to list the aforementioned characters into a “Top 10 List” it would be inclusive of all realities / dimensions and personas:

1) Deadpool
2) Wolverine
3) Punisher
(these 3 are give-ins)
4) Magneto
(see the Ultimatum event where he floods New York) 
5) Namor & Thor
7) Mister Sinister
(Age of Apocalypse, he killed mutants to create “better” ones)
9) Vulcan
(see War of Kings, basically anything with Vulcan and the Shi’ar) 
10) Green Goblin & Venom

Many may disagree but hey, I’m definitely open to your suggestions as to who you think are the deadliest Marvel Characters are!!

And for all those in the UK and Europe, have an Astonishing-ly, Uncanny, Amazing, Ultimate-ly awesome time at London Comic Con this weekend – for more details click here!