Hola Iggles

My podcaster pal and fellow Iggle, Bad Rolf, wrote an awesome piece about Doctor Who animations and that reminded me of another stellar science fiction series that has terrific toon versions. Star Wars! SW must have trillions of adaptations types, in fact, I just saw a really cool felt interpretation via The Nerdist and this interesting yam sculptor on Star Wars Celebration’s live feed (timestamp 4:36:58).

Luke Skywalker Princess Leia Organa Han Solo

Of course, Star Wars has official animated shows, Clone Wars and Rebels, and video games, which honestly, I have not yet watched, but plan to! My current favorites are the fan made versions.

Here’s my short ‘n sweet Star Wars Animation Countdown!

3. Family Guy
On our first full episode of Charm Bomb, I mentioned my love of Family Guy in college and my old lady indifference to it now. I still enjoy any parody and their Star Wars parodies were fun. Here’s an awesomely topical clip I found parodying the first teaser trailer for The Force Awakens!


2. Star Wars Gangsta Rap Chronicles

I very recently discovered this great Star Wars Gangsta Rap. It’s the not the one I’m obsessed with, but I thoroughly appreciate the real rap references and samples within. Check it out and see how many songs you recognize.


1. Star Wars Gangsta Rap

I know this one by heart, have the track downloaded and synced with my Spotify, and find myself randomly singing “OHHH I just sliced off myy haaand” to the stares of other humans surrounding me. Watch it, learn it, and tweet at me please so we can rejoice together.

Do you have a favorite Star Wars animation that I didn’t mention? Comment below and post a link! May the Force Be With You, Always!

Psst. Bad Rolf aka Debbie from the podcast You Haven’t Seen? is doing a Star Wars rewatch series in May. Check out their announcement!
Common Room is also doing one starting in June and we’ll some fun Star Wars goodies on the IGGPPC soon!