It seems these days that apps are becoming a big part of almost everyone’s everyday life.  From apps that sell you items from different countries to popular dating and friendship tools, they have taken over our phones and tablets.  So with that popularity comes a huge untapped market for companies to jump into.

Nintendo, of course saw their opportunity and announced two big apps, Pokemon Go and Miitomo, for their cellphone savvy fan base.  Miitomo launched last week and has had over a million downloads so far and we are here to try it out.  So you can sit back, relax, and let us take the first plunge.


Real Time Screenshot: Mii waiting to ask questions.

Playing serious games is kind of my thing; I have been through so many worlds and stories I can’t even begin to name them all. Some of the most fun places I have been in games, however, have to do with my friends, partners, and teammates. Socializing is a striking bonus feature of gaming that adds a quality to the experience we could never replicate on our own. Miitomo is an app that lets you ally with your fellow Nintendo players in an adversely social environment for the first time on one of their personal game franchises. The experience is strange, witty, and really sparks my interest in the people I have on my in app friends list.

Everyone wants to make friends, even introverts or homebodies, but most people don’t know where to start. It’s hard to just add someone on Facebook and start talking to them but what if you could just be sent a list of topics to talk about? Miitomo in a way does just that with its questions. When you begin the app, your Mii will begin asking you everything from the last purchase you made to your favorite foods. Once you answer, the app then transmits the data to other Miis on you friends list. When your friends open the app, their Mii will tell them facts about you when they tap them and they will be able to leave a comment or heart your status. Friends that you add will also come to visit your Mii and ask questions, like what do you think they like to watch or what type of person reminds you of them.  It’s much like a status on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram but with an extremely welcoming feel. You can also add people via your Facebook, Twitter, or Face to Face interaction.


Real time screenshot: Shopping in the Mii store for clothing.

Other than social interaction, you have a goal to complete challenges and earn coins to customize your Mii with.  There is an ever-changing store to shop at with in-game currency for clothing and accessories.  If you’d rather try your luck, you can pay 500 coins or use a coupon to play Miitomo Drop.  By customizing your Mii you earn titles and extra coins from beating challenges.  Coins and coupons are simple to earn,  just answer a few questions each day and add your friends to the game for payouts each day and you will be swimming in outfits in no time.  There is also a bonus for linking your account with Nintendo and other social sites.

So how’s the customization?  It’s pretty good actually, you have the same level of customization as in Tomodachi Life but with more direct control over it.  You make your base Mii by picking its hair, eyes, face, nose, mouth, personality, and then name them.  Afterwards, you can customize their greetings to you and friends they visit.  You also have a photo taking app to pose your Mii and take pictures with which you can then easily send to sites of your choice through in app share buttons.  You can make up to 101 Miis with the app and have the ability to delete your account at any time.

Feel free to add me on Miitomo with my Twitter account @Jesseroar and to post below to make new friends on Miitomo.  Do you have any additional questions or thoughts about Miitomo?  Let us know below or through social media!