It’s Mer-May! I’m not the hugest fan of mermaids but I know lots of people who are so I figured I’d take a shot at pretending to be one for today. Let’s get started!

First start out with your normal base or foundational makeup. I didn’t use blush just because I didn’t think it would fit with the look, but I highlighted to the high heavens, though. I used my usual pink highlighter from Wet ‘n Wild and on top of that I added a light blue simmer shadow then a light green shimmer shadow. Later on I added gold flake shadow.

Next, prime your eyes if you’d like, then begin with your first shadow color. I used the same green simmer shadow that I used for my highlight here: apply a light green shimmer shadow on the outer corner.

After that I used the same blue I used for my highlight and applied that to my lid.

I went with pink for the inner lid color at first but I thought it looked too much like a lizard so I wound up using a darker blue instead. I highlighted the inner corner with a gold flake shadow.

Then I applied eyeliner and mascara. I used a white liner on my waterline to make my eyes look open. I used a grey lipstick and a blue liquid lipstick to make a cool grey blue.

You’re done! You can add some scales using fishnet or another kind of netting, or you could add some gills. I know Madeyewlook on YouTube has a great gill tutorial. I know other people have gill tutorials as well.

Let me know what you’d like to see next! I think I may make this into a series of mythical creature inspired looks.