We have another wonderful sponsor to introduce to you today – The Gearbox Union. Read on to find out more about them!


1. What’s the name of your site, and what is it about? Where did the name come from?
The name of our website is The Gearbox Union and our goal is to entertain people with our ridiculous antics as well as help make the world a better place through volunteering/charity. Our name was inspired by our home town Altoona, PA which was historically based around the railroad.

2. How did you first get the idea that you wanted to create this community?

The first spark of the Gearbox Union happened when we wanted some way to meet/organize all the local geeks that would want to play board games on a regular basis, since it felt like trying to get our little group of friends together at the same time to play a game was a bit frustrating.


3. Who are your geek role models?
Wil Wheaton, Marie Curie, Steve Wozniak, Nikola Tesla, Felicia Day


4. Who is your biggest supporter(s) and cheerleader(s) in your life?
Our families and the fans of the GBU, the Gearboxers!

5. What would you say to an iggle who wanted to start a similar community?

Never be afraid to chase your dreams. If you want to start a community, then do it. It doesn’t matter if you start with three people sitting on a couch or twenty people in a classroom, the best thing you can do is take that first step.

6. What’s your favorite part of running your site and community?

Being able to help people. We’re pretty ridiculous and have a lot of fun with everything we do with the Gearbox Union, but at the heart of it is that making silly fools of ourselves gives us the opportunity to make the world a better place.

7. What’s your favorite event you have ever organized/participated in?
Our favorite thing we have organized is our Con-Quest event for the Child’s Play Charity which we have done twice at the Sci-Fi Valley Con. Basically we hold a massive ticket raffle of prizes donated from a ton of the other tables (this year we had about 75 tables participating) at the convention, where people earn tickets for it by visiting those tables and doing ‘quests’. Things like pretend to be a zombie, roar like a dinosaur, do an evil villain laugh, say your favorite movie quote, etc.
8. What are your current top 5 Geek Loves?

Fallout, Firefly, video/tabletop games, Doctor Who, Dagorhir

9. What’s your favorite part about the IGGPPC?

That the IGGPPC is bringing together so many people into an amazing community of awesome geeks that are making life long friends.


Thanks Gearbox Union!

You can check out more of The Gearbox Union online here: