We have another amazing sponsor to share with you today! Meet BuoyantSea, the talented and creative lady behind Lumpy Buttons!

LumpyButtons set up shop


1. What’s the name of your store, and what do you sell? Where did the name come from?
Handsewn felt ties, pins, finger puppets, keepsake plush, and home decor from original designs. The name is the combination of my two cat’s nicknames: Ushi (Buttons) and Static (The Lump).

2. How did you first get the idea that you wanted to open your online stores?
I started by making pins for my winter coats so I wouldn’t get bored through the long winters here in Western New York with the same black coat for months at a time. After I started making them for other people I decided to list some on Etsy.

LumpyButtons table

3. Do you sell your wares in other places besides online?
I sell on consignment in a few locations in Buffalo and I also do craft shows.

4. Who are your artist/online shop role models?
I don’t really have craft influences. I love animals and anatomy so for things like the keepsake plush I guess maybe just nature itself? I love figuring out then simplifying the anatomy into a pattern.

LumpyButtons anteater

5. Who is your biggest supporter(s) and cheerleader in your life?
I am a fine artist, have made lame comics, and I do these crafts. For all these things my husband is my superfan in whatever I do. When I have him sit at the tables with me at craft shows I sometimes have to hush him because he is gushing too much to strangers.

6. What would you say to an iggle who wanted to open their own store?
Don’t be scared to try. I know there is a LOT on etsy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t provide something unique. Just give it a shot. The worst that can happen is it doesn’t sell and you are only out 20 cents per listing.

7. What’s your favorite part of running your online store(s)?
The best part is the custom orders. Usually they are for family or pets and then you get to see a lot of cute pictures.

LumpyButtons cute rat

8. What’s your favorite product you have ever made?
My favorite thing I have made so far was a big keepsake plush Giant Anteater. Because they walk on their knuckles in the front you could hook his legs on an edge and he looked so damn cute.

9. Who is your favorite fictional scientist?
Gerald Tarrant from The Coldfire Trilogy. Sure he sacrificed his entire family for eternal life, but he created an entire functioning ecosystem from the microscopic level up <3

10. What’s your favorite part about the IGGPPC?
I am still new but I signed up for a penpal myself and am pretty excited waiting on a reply.

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Thanks so much to LumpyButtons! You can find more adorable handmade felt here:

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