I’m sitting here with my mug full of herbal tea and my mind is spinning after marathoning the TV show, “Orphan Black”. A dear friend of mine, fellow Iggle and IGGPPC blogger Shelby Dosser, recently introduced me to the series.

This evening Shelby informed me that the character Cosima Niehaus from “Orphan Black”, played by Tatiana Maslany, is based off of a woman named Cosima Herterin in real life. So, being a science lover myself, I began to dig.

Cosima Herter is the real Cosima. She is the science consultant for “Orphan Black”.

Herter is a PhD student and is studying the History and Philosophy of Biology at the University of Minnesota. Fitting, no?

The co-writer of Orphan Black and long-time friend of Herter, Graeme Manson, was just casually talking about “Orphan Black” with her one day. It wasn’t until the show really picked up that Herter became involved. Herter remarks that she’s really lucky to be involved in the “Orphan Black” series and that Maslany eerily mimics her mannerisms very well!

All in all, despite Herter’s consultation, she still notices scientific inaccuracies. I feel for her on that one, being a science lover myself! But, it is Hollywood after all.

At the same time, the scientific depth of this show is simply mind boggling! “Orphan Black” seamlessly delivers philosophical questions about science and humanity all wrapped up in a dramatic package. Cray crays included! I’m so stoked to have been able to learn more about Cosima Herter.

The odd thing is that she doesn’t have a page on Wikipedia!

You can find Cosima Herter on the web and on Twitter. If you love science I highly recommend following and combing through Herter’s Twitter account. She shares so many fascinating articles!

If you could sit down with the real Cosima what would you ask her? Share in the comments!

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