We have another wonderful sponsor to introduce to you today – Tee Fetch. Read on to find out about how awesome the Tee Fetch site is and how it can help you find the perfect t-shirt!


1. What’s the name of your site, and what is it about? Where did the name come from?

Tee Fetch, T-shirts. From: Deals, Designs, Designing, Starting a Shop, Brand Comparisons etc. The name was inspired by our family pet Lucky who is also our logo/mascot. He fetches tees (and socks) and doesn’t give them back. He sleeps on them especially if they are worn.


2. How did you first get the idea that you wanted to create this site?

Lots of People had questions. “Where did you buy that shirt? ” “How Did you make that Shirt?” Can I sell T-shirts?” “How can I promote my T-shirt Shop? “What am I doing wrong with my shop/designs?” “Where is the best place to get tees printed? “What is the quality like at such and such? etc.


Shirts of the Day gallery on Tee Fetch


3. Who are your geek role models?

Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Stan Lee, Death I mean George R. R. Martin

4. Who is your biggest supporter(s) and cheerleader(s) in your life?

My fiancée, she is supportive above and beyond, perhaps it is because of all the tees she gets.  Not to sound egotistical, but I should include myself. It is rough sometimes. People (That includes family and friends) wonder why I stick with something with very little payout then eventually it pays off.  Then they get it. Then they are inspired.

5. What would you say to an iggle who wanted to start an online shop?

Go here http://www.teefetch.com/shopkeeper-resources/ then Go for it.

6. What’s your favorite part of running your site?

Seeing all kinds of T-shirt designs from all sorts of genres. There is always something new, something funny or clever to be seen.

tee galeries

Shirt Galleries to search by fandom

7. What’s your favorite product on your site?

T-shirts… if it’s not obvious already. My site is more of an informative site, I don’t have any products on my site as I promote various brands, designers, and so on.

8. What are your current top 5 Geek Loves?

GW2, Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, Archer, and does Veganism count?

9. What’s your favorite part about the IGGPPC?

It is people that share common interests networking and supporting each other. That’s something to smile about.

Check out the Tee Fetch website here. And try not to get lost looking through all the designs like I did.