One of our most dedicated sponsors is Shawna Miller, who runs the fabulous blog and store, Scrawny Girl. She designs cute and kawaii hand drawn stickers, stationery and brooches. She even designed custom IGGPPC stickers for our store! Shawna spends her time drawing, wearing cute outfits, wrangling her adorable child, and of course, being an iggle with the rest of us. We just love her work and we know you will too! We had the chance to interview her about her store, her love of retro video games, and her experience over the past year with the IGGPPC. Read what she had to say!


1. What’s the name of your store, and what do you sell? Where did the name come from?
My shop is called Scrawny Girl and I sell kawaii wearable art, prints + stickers based off of my illustrations. My husband came up with the name of my shop a few years ago. We were talking about the nicknames we had growing up, and he asked if anyone had ever called me Scrawna (because I was a scrawny kiddo). Later after seeing my doodles, he dubbed them Scrawny Girls.

2. How did you first get the idea that you wanted to open your online stores?
My friend Brooke first introduced me to Etsy back when it first started, and I tried dabbling with dolls and screen printed tees, but I was always working or travelling with my husband’s band that I never really did it consistently. When I became a stay at home mom, I needed a hobby/job to fill nap times and I started selling online again.

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3. Do you sell your wares in other places besides online?
Right now I don’t, but I’m hoping to look into wholesale and craft fairs/cons this year.

4. Who are your artist/online shop role models?
As a shop owner Cody from Lu and Ed has been a major role model. I don’t think I would’ve made it this far without her support, business guidance, and the awesome community she’s built.

I have so many artist role models that it’s hard to pick one, but I am constantly in awe of Mab Graves work. I would love to own one of her pieces someday. Seriously, did you see her Sailor Moon pieces?!


5. Who is your biggest supporter(s) and cheerleader in your life?
Definitely my husband and my best friend T. She even buys my stuff online, so I try to be sneaky and give it to her before I list it!

6. What would you say to an iggle who wanted to open their own store?
Don’t wait until everything is perfect or you think you don’t have enough inventory. Getting a shop open, your brand + awesome stuff out there is important! It takes a lot more work than you think, so I recommend reading some business/art/craft books like Art, Inc (there are so many depending on your product/market). Also, finding an awesome supportive maker community will keep you accountable + help you with all your questions or doubts.

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7. What’s your favorite part of running your online store(s)?
My favorite part is seeing people all over the world enjoying my art + the products I make. I love seeing their pictures and getting their excited tweets about getting a Scrawny Girl package that made their day! My second favorite thing is packaging orders and making them cute (just like to my pen pals!).

8. What’s your favorite product you have ever made?
It’s a tie between my Coffee Lover (I should’ve named it Coffee Addict) print, which was the first print I started selling in my shop and the Totoro brooch (I really love Totoro!).

Bag designed by Hello Totes

9. What’s your favorite retro video game? What’s the first one you ever played (if they are different?) Do you have any fond memories of playing these as a kid?
Sonic the Hedgehog was my favorite video game growing up, but of course we had an Atari so one of those was the first game I ever played. I am pretty awful at games and I know I’ve never beat one, but it was fun to play with my little sister and our friends.

10. What’s your favorite part about the IGGPPC?
I love the IGGPPC community! I’ve met so many wonderful people through this group and I love chatting with all the Iggles on twitter. I love that there is a place for everyone. The support + encouragement that I see daily makes me love it even more!


Thanks for supporting us, Shawna, and be sure to follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook, and check out her fabulous store, Scrawny Girl!

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