In honor of May the 4th, we’ve got a fun Star Wars makeup tutorial for you today. This will give you a hint of Stormtrooper as you head out into the galaxy!

This is the look that I actually wore when I went to see episode 7 in for the first time. I unfortunately did not have the awesome Star Wars shirt then. Yes those are the actual words at the beginning of A New Hope; it’s so cool and I love it! This tutorial is pretty simple, but it takes a little while to get the eyeliner just right, so be patient with yourself.


To begin this Star Wars makeup look, start by doing foundation, concealer, contouring, all that jazz. I just did some concealer under my eyes and then powder over that.

Star Wars-beginning

Next I did a typical, black eyeshadow wing.

Star Wars- Black eyeshadow

My eyes are different shapes, so wings can get pretty frustrating.

After that I did a step that is basically useless because I thought I was going somewhere else with this look, after the useless step I put white eyeshadow across my whole lid.

Star Wars- white eyeshadow

You can’t really see it cause I’m so pale but its there, trust me.

After that, prepare yourself for lining. I did a cat eye liner and when I do this I typically use about three different eye liners: a pen, liquid, and water proof are the ones I use. This is not required, I just don’t have one eyeliner that I’m confident in. (Check out our post about how to do a cat-eye style wing!)

Star Wars- eyeliner product

I suggest going full emo for this: line all of your eye. All of it.

Star Wars- eyeliner

Next, lipstick. I used a white and a black because I have those, but you can use black or red whatever you prefer. I was going for a Stormtrooper look though.

Star Wars- lipstick


This one makes me look kinda pouty.


This one makes Liz happy 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this Star Wars makeup tutorial! Tell me in the comments what you’d like to see next! I’ll probably do something for Civil War cause that is the biggest thing since sliced bread, but I am open to suggestions.