There is nothing more fun than a blanket fort! Post a photo tour of your fort on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #igglefort to earn the Master Fort Builder achievement badge! We will be sharing these on the camp blog later in the week! Below are our fort building tips! What are yours?

*Join us TONIGHT 8/17 for a special fort hang out to watch the IGGPPC at the Geekie Awards.*

Step One: Scout Your Location

First things first – Where is your blanket fort going to go? Picking a location is important in fort building for many reasons and is crucial in its success! Things to keep in mind when picking a location:

  •  Natural Resources: Working with the environment in your home is best. You’ll want a good structure to work your fort off of. I find bedrooms or living rooms to generally be easiest because of the size and shape of the furniture in the room. Using a bed or sofa as a base is nice for beginners. Bunk beds are AWESOME if you have those. A good dining room table and chairs is another idea. If you have picture rails, consider hanging blankets from the picture hooks. Also, now is the time to think about POWER! If you are bringing electronics into your fort, like mini lights or a laptop, make sure that you have a place to plug those in!
  • Existing Trade Routes: Keep in mind the track flow of your house. If your fort is blocking, say, your roommate’s path to the bathroom in the middle of the night, it’s not going to stay up very long. Finding a place that is somewhat out of the way will be good for your privacy and keeping your fort up for a longer time! On the other hand, you want to stay close to things you need access to – like where the food is at!
  • Climate: If you live someplace with crazy weather, this one is for you. We know summertime in the Midwest can get hot! Will all the cozy pillows and blankets you are pulling together, you’ll probably want to consider being near a window, fan, or A/C vent!
  •  Wildlife: Do you share your home with any furry or feathered friends? They might love your blanket fort too! Summer’s cat loves to get all cozy in the fort with her, but the other cat just tries to jump on top and destroy! It is probably a good idea to observe your pets around fort for a while before leaving it unattended with them.

Step Two: Laying the foundation

A solid foundation is the key to building success! Now would be the best time to lay any extension cords, lighting/cooling, or other fun details. I like to use some old Ikea couch cushions as my fort floor. These with then get covered with a super soft blanket! But it all depends on what works best for you and your space! Other floor ideas would be an air mattress, a rug, or maybe just a blank on the floor!

Step Three: Building Up

Now it’s time to build some walls! I suggest using lightweight fabrics like sheets for your walls. This will make them less likely to sag and fall down on you! Don’t forget to use clothes pins, safety pins, or even tape to help pull your blankets together. You might find it helpful to use fishing line or yarn to help keep everything string up as well!

Step Four: It’s all in the details

Now that your fort is starting to shape up, it’s time to add some personal details! What do you want in your fort with you? Feel free to pile in all the pillows and blankets you can find! In addition, what about your stuffed animals or your action figures? It might be nice to have a good book in there, or your laptop and Game Boy!


So now it’s time to get building! Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Blanket Fort pinterest board for some ideas! Leave your Master Fort Building tips in the comments below and don’t forget to share photos and descriptions of your forts using the hashtag #iggleforts!