**Mostly spoiler-free!**

I am a huge fan of The Avengers. I’ve been waiting for the premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for months now. What’s not to love? Joss Whedon wrote the premiere script, along with a couple of other people who are frankly unimportant. He’s also the director.

Now, we live in an age where media is good to geeks. Where science fiction was once strictly for the Sci-Fi Channel, it’s spilled over into the mainstream. At the same time, it hasn’t always been done well. Heroes debuted and was a huge hit that disappointed in later seasons. Supernatural has lasted quite a while, I’m convinced due to the hunkiness of the Winchester brothers. The Walking Dead is a cult hit.

So, I’m watching with trepidation. I want this series to be good.

Agent Coulson’s back. This is great. Shepherd Book walks in, check. J. August Richard, a.k.a. Gunn from Angel shows up. Ming-Na, and I’m loving the cast ensemble.

My expectation was that the SHIELD team would go looking for individuals with super powers. Wrong. This girl who discovered the super hero going to be the bad guy? Wrong. Is there a team of bad guys that the main characters have to hunt down? That’s yet to be determined. Are they going to be normal people who find a way to be heroes without super powers? We’ll see.

Really, it was a classic set-up episode. There are new agents recruited. There are bad guys introduced. There’s a team that comes together. All roads are open, and all the potential is there.

As for me, I’m in for the ride. I like the cast, I like the characters, and I’m interested in seeing what the team is going to do.

I’m torn between thinking that Coulson’s hover car was awesome and finding it incredibly cheesy, though. Weigh in–who’s excited to see what happens, and who is disappointed by the premiere?